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In order for your child to participate in our league we ask all parents and coaches to notify me, Narcissa Atkinson Registered Nurse COVID Coordinator (RNCC), regarding any injuries related to sports.  I am available at the email and phone number below.  Always seek immediate medical attending and call 911 in an emergency.

This information is critical and should be communicated to her without delay.  All information provided to the RNC is private and confidential.

Narcissa Atkinson, DNP, RN
Registered Nurse Coordinator
[email protected]

404-480-3586 voice/text


Catholic Metro Sports follows GHSA standard policies for canceling outdoor practices or moving them indoors when the expected WBGT is 92 degrees or higher.  Measuring safe practice conditions will be to use the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. Note: Temperatures reported on your phone weather app are not in WBGT format.  CMS will utilize ( at the precise practice location which combines heat, humidity, brightness of the sun, and wind speed and comes up with one number that can be used to determine what restrictions should be made.  To accommodate logistics we will work with local parish directors and coaches and communicate with all parents 4 hours prior to practice start time.

WBGT can change dramatically by location and time of day and should be checked hourly.  Just because a school may cancel outdoor recess may not be an indicator for practice cancellations.

Because of the number of programs we administer we will endeavor to communicate with everyone as quickly as possible through email, our Team App and the website.  We will be sending Team App invitations for all families this week for parish and school locations.


Dear Families,

Our primary focus at Catholic Metro Sports is the Health, Happiness, Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing of the Children who are active in our Ministries across the Metro Atlanta area.  We value and hold sacred the trust everyone in the Archdiocese of Atlanta has placed in our organization.  We have grown significantly in the past few years and are thankfully staffed and organized to respond to any health or injury related concerns during the season.

We are working hard to manage the athletic opportunities for our families based on State and Federal guidelines and accordance to best practices outlined by the Archdiocese Schools and Churches.

If you ever have concerns about your child or any of our programs we want to hear from you.  

Additionally, our Nurse Advisor, Amie Calderon, will be our primary point of contact.  Amie will be sending updates to all of our registered families weekly about program operations and precautions.  

We hope that you will continue to join us in our youth and adult athletic ministries and know that we always have you and your families well being as our top priority and consideration.

Robert Aldrich
Executive Director
Catholic Metro Sports of Atlanta

January is bringing the colder temperatures for the new year. In cold weather, bodies lose heat faster than they can produce it, which can lead to serious health problems like hypothermia or frostbite. To prevent cold-weather related injuries for kids and teens keep in mind these few tips: 

  • Be aware of current and forecasted weather before going outside.
  • If it is too cold, windy, or wet outside, consider an indoor workout instead. 
  • Warm up and cool down to prepare and restore muscles before and after a workout.
  • Wear layers to make it easy to remove or add clothing as conditions and exertion levels change. However, be careful not to wear too many layers, as they may cause overheating and excess sweating.
  • Wear technical fabrics that wick moisture and sweat, which can help your teen stay dry, close to the body. Staying dry means staying warm—and it may be hard for your teen to get warm again once wet. A middle layer of fleece or natural fibers can provide insulation, and water- and wind-resistance outer layers can help reduce loss of body heat and protect your athlete from the elements.
  • Stay hydrated with water or a sports drink.
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet.
  • Bring extra shoes, socks, clothes and gloves to replace any item that becomes wet.

Stay healthy and be well, 
Narcissa Atkinson, DNP, RN 


CMS - NURSE ADVISOR - Narcissa Atkinson, DNP, RN

Dear CMS Family,

I am excited to join the Catholic Metro Sports League as the new nurse advisor. I have over 18 years of experience as a nurse. I have spent the past seventeen years working in pediatric health at the local children’s health organization. In addition, I work part-time as a school nurse with St. John Neumann Regional Catholic School. Recently, I received my DNP doctorate in nursing practice. I intend to remain passionate about the nursing profession and positively impact the community, all while responsibly assessing situations and advising appropriate steps for the safe management and care of our athletes.

I look forward to working with you to answer any questions and provide advice to maintain our
athlete's safety. Please contact me anytime if you have any concerns or questions.  I am available during the evening during team practices and on the weekends during games.  I can be reached at 404-480-3586 or [email protected]

With gratitude,

Narcissa Atkinson, DNP, RN
Nurse Advisor
Catholic Metro Sports of Atlanta 


Catholic Metro Sports of Atlanta
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