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Coaches Corner

Thank You, Coach!!

Our outstanding youth soccer programs would not be possible without the gift of your time and talents. Thank you for helping to assure the best possible youth sports experience for the children and families in our community.

Requesting Help, Assistance, or Information

If you need help, assistance, or information on any topic, send an email to our VP of Coaches at [email protected]. Please include:

  • Your name
  • Age Group and Team Name
  • Topic

This allows us to expedite your request.

Becoming a Coach (06/22/2023)

 Basic Steps

  • Create West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC) account and register as a volunteer coach (WSSC Website - My Account - Volunteer) in your desired age group
  • Create US Soccer Learning Center account
  • Complete SafeSport training (or confirm training is current)
  • Complete Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments training (or confirm training is current)
  • Request Risk Management Application (RMA)
  • When the Head Coach's RMA clears, the age group coordinator activates the roster and team page for the season
  • Additional team volunteers (Assistant Coach, Team Manager) are granted access to the team page and roster as their RMAs clear
Detailed steps to complete the training and request a RMA are available with this download:  volunteer instructions wssc 2022.pdf

Cautionary Notes

All RMAs expire each year on 04/30.  Therefore for the spring season you must have an RMA that expires in the next year before your team is activated (e.g. For Spring '23 season, your RMA must have an expiration of 04/30/2024).

RMA renewals before 04/01 will not roll into the current season.  You can confirm expiration/status in My Account - Volunteer in your WSSC account.

Synchronization between accounts/websites is based on the following:

  • Full legal first and last name.  Do not use nicknames or shortened names
  • Date of Birth
  • email address
Please ensure all three elements are identical for your WSSC and US Soccer Learning Center accounts.  Any discrepancies will delay the synchronization and the RMA process.  This will then delay roster releases and team page activation.

Changes from prior seasons

  • All training, including SafeSport, is completed in the US Soccer Learning Center.  Do not use prior links.
  • RMA renewal window is now 04/01. RMA renewals before this date [likely] will not roll to the next year.  Previously this date was 02/01
  • Separate Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) training is no longer provided.  All health and safety training is completed via US Soccer's Intro to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
  • Certificate upload for training is no longer supported.  Proof of training is achieved via website synchronization 
  • Training can be initiated via your WSSC account or inside your US Soccer Learning Center account

Returning Coaches

If you have coached in a prior season, these are the recommended steps:

  • Log into your WSSC account.  Navigate to the Volunteer page.  If the Risk Status (Submitted for the season) date is 04/30/24, no further action is required.  If the date is 04/30/23, continue with the next steps.
  • Log into your US Soccer Learning Center account and review expiration dates of SafeSport and Intro to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments certificates.  They are available under your profile
  • If flagged for renewal, complete training
  • After 04/01, request RMA

Multi-Team Coaches

Complete your RMA/Training as soon as possible if you want to avoid match conflicts. 
Match scheduling occurs based on expected teams.  The league scheduler reviews assigned coaches for each team (Head & Assistant) to confirm there are no conflicts for the coaches.
Coaches (and team volunteers) are not assigned until the RMA clears
Therefore, if you are tardy in completing your RMA, it is extremely likely you will have match-day schedule conflicts.
NOTE:  Training can be completed before 04/01.

Known Errors / Issues

ISSUE:  WSSC volunteer page is not displaying current certificate expiration dates
ISSUE:  WSSC volunteer page shows training/certificates are incomplete despite finishing training

WSSC Account Volunteer Page.  Certs show expired status, despite being completed (see below)

Work around:  Log into your US Soccer Learning Center account to review expiration dates under your profile.  Update training as required.

US Soccer Learning Center - Same Account as above.  Dates shown as current. Therefore RMA can be requested.

Effects:  None.  You may request your RMA normally.  If your RMA status has not updated in 5 business days, contact your age group coordinator via the club board email account, providing your age group in the email message.

Info on the training and RMA process

More information and background why the training is required is available at the Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) sites:
Risk Management Application (RMA)
Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness

Coaching Education

The WSSC reimburses registered coaches for the cost of most approved coaching education courses. Visit the Coaches Education page on the Washington Youth Soccer website.

Match Day Expectations

Model Good Sportsmanship ALWAYS. Shake hands with opponents and the referee after every match. Win, Lose, or Draw.

South Sound United League (SSUL)

Most WSSC teams U13 and older are playing in the SSUL. Visit our SSUL page for more information and guidance (printing game rosters, reporting scores, etc).

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

Positive Coaching Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform youth sports so all athletes have a positive, character-building experience. Please visit PCA and consider becoming a Double-Goal Coach.

Uniform and Equipment Guidelines

Uniforms worn by participants in the West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC) during league or sanctioned play must conform to the playing rules adopted by the WSSC and its governing bodies. Any lettering or emblems on uniforms must pertain to the club or team name, nickname, crest, mascot, player's name or nickname, or the sport of soccer. Other emblems or patches promoting drug prevention, sportsmanship, team or individual achievements, or those of a patriotic nature may be permitted with advance approval of the WSSC Board.

Click HERE to review complete guidelines.

Tournament Guidelines

Interested in entering your team in a tournament? Visit our Tournament Guidelines page for additional information.

The WSSC provides a tournament reimbursement fund for the majority of our teams. Ream more on our WSSC Policies page.

Policies, Processes, Procedures

Please visit our WSSC Policies page to learn more about Club Policies and Procedures including Reimbursement for approved Coach and Referee Training, Players Team Assignment and Refunds.

Date and Location of Next Board Meeting

The WSSC Board normally meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm. For meeting location, please contact us at [email protected].

View the names and contact information for the Board of Directors and several key volunteer positions.

Coaches Meeting - Spring 2024

Coaches’ Meeting

  • Meeting is online and recorded
  • Meeting will be sent via email
  •  March 28, 7:00 pm
Link to the recorded meeting is sent to the coaches' email address.  If you need access contact [email protected].

Meeting Documents
Coaches Meeting & AGM - 2024 Spring - REV B.pdf

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Template
Highline Soccer Association - Build Out Line
Heads Up - Concussion Action Plan
Heads Up - Concussion Facts 
FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention - Workbook
FIFA 11+ - Summary - Poster
Volunteer Match Letter

Medical Waiver is located at:  About Us - FAQ's - Forms and Documents Library

Opponent Coach Contact Info:  HSA Website - Match Day - Schedules