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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

2023 Game Fields

Game Field Assignment for FALL 2023 (UPDATED July 31) -- Tentative assignments

  • Coed U6 & U7 @ Hiawatha (8 fields, on Sundays) -- field currently being resurfaced
  • U8 @ Riverview South (4 fields) 
  • U9 @ Fairmount Park (2 fields) and Roxhill South (2 fields)
  • U10 @ Riverview North (3 fields)
  • U11 @ E.C. Hughes (2 fields)
  • U12 @ Highland Park (1 field)
  • U13-U19 @ TBD (will be listed on the SSUL schedule
    Home fields include Delridge North & South (offline until early October), Hiawatha, Walt Hundley and Sealth HS Stadium

Game Field Assignment for SPRING 2023

  • Coed U6 & U7 @ Chief Sealth Stadium (8 fields, on Sundays)
  • U8 @ Riverview South (4 fields) 
  • U9 @ Fairmount Park (2 fields) and Roxhill South (2 fields)
  • U10 @ Walt Hundley (3 fields)
  • U11 @ E.C. Hughes (2 fields)
  • U11 and U12 @ Highland Park (1 field)
  • U13-U19 @ TBD (refer to SSUL schedule)


Practice Field Guidelines (Fall 2023)

Page revised November 4, 2023

Field Use Etiquette Points to remember:

Plan to practice where you play games -- it will help spread out our teams around all of our West Seattle fields. Leading up to the first games, we set up our modified field locations (U8 to U12) which will allow younger teams to practice on the mod field where they will play games. Mod teams (U6-U12) should not practice in front of full-sized goals at an venue.

Goal safety reminder - make sure goals are properly secured with saddle bags when in use. When you are done with goals, you need to move them back to fence and lock (See GOAL MANAGEMENT page for more info). Do not leave goals on field. Combo Code to unlock goals is 7908..


Field Schedule GUIDANCE

Practice field reservations for U13-U19 teams (updated November 4)

Last year (Fall 2022) WSSC piloted a reservation system for older teams for practices at Delridge South.

Delridge Playfield: lights have NOT been restored at this venue although 2/3 of the South Field is currently illuminated. 

  • Beginning Nov 6, U13-U19 (and Rec Cup) teams will be able to reserve team training at Delridge South (on 2/3 of field) and Hiawatha (north end and south - the center is open) on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs.
  • Walt Hundley is OPEN to all teams with exception of Fridays (south goal only - reserved for HPFC keeper training)
  • Coaches of U13-U19 teams, reserve team training at:
  • Questions? Contact Richard Hahn at [email protected]

UKIS Master Coaching Sessions (U8 and older teams)

Get expert coaching guidance from former professional players! WSSC is partnering with UK International Soccer to provide Master Coaches to practice with your team. The Master Coaches will be at Hiawatha on Mondays starting on Sept 18. Sign up for one of three hour slots for the Master Coaches to train with your team. Learn effective training techniques to develop your players’ skills that you can use throughout the season.

WSSC Field Permits (Fall 2023)

  • August 2023 (permit R74972) - Posted 8/6
  • September 2023 (permit R131811) - Posted 9/4
  • October 2023 (permit R131812) - Posted 10/28 (REVISED)
  • November 6-22, 2023 (permit R132774) - Posted 11/4
  • For November 27 - December 15, the U13+ Age Group Coordinator will reach out to U13+ teams (and teams in Rec Cup) to schedule team practices. 

Important - please read

  • Some venue reservations are not a consistent night every week, and we don't always have the fields from 5-8pm. Please check the schedule before you practice.
  • Some fields are assigned (reserved or shared) by Highline Premier (HPFC) and HSA Select teams. Please be respectful of their reservation. If they are not using the entire field, please ask permission before practicing on the field.
  • SHARE THE FIELDS!!! A team can't occupy an entire field for their practice--if no other team shows up, then it is fine to use the entire field, but be prepared to run your practice on a half, or a third of a field space (or more on the full-sided fields). 3 teams can effectively use 1 field to run each of their practices--plan ahead! We all need to work together to share all of our fields.
  • If you are a U12 or younger team and end up practicing at a venue with full-sized goals, please practice to the side so the full-sided teams (U13 and older) can use the goal.
  • Please do not schedule scrimmages during WSSC practice field reservation times. If you are the only 2 teams on a particular field, then please feel free to have an impromptu scrimmage! Be aware that if other WSSC teams show up to use the field, you must share the field! As stated earlier, 3 teams (or more) may have to use one full sized field for their practices--keep that in mind when planning a scrimmage. If you can find field time outside of scheduled WSSC practice times, please set up your pre-planned scrimmages at those times.

West Seattle Soccer Club Fields

Alki Playfields - Grass field, Practice only (Fall 2023)
5817 SW Stevens Street
Seattle, WA 98116

Boren Playfield - Grass field, Practice Only (not currently on permit)
5950 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Cooper Playfield - Grass field, Practice Only (not currently on permit)
1901 SW Genesee Street
Seattle, WA 98106

Delridge Playfields - Synthetic Turf (North and South Fields)
4501 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

EC Hughes Playfield - U-11 Grass field
2805 SW Holden Street
Seattle, WA 98126

Fairmount Park Playfields- U-09 Grass field
5400 Fauntleroy Way SW
Seattle, WA 98136

Hiawatha - Synthetic Turf 
2700 California Ave SW,
Seattle, WA 98116

Highland Park Playfield - U-12 Grass Field
1012 SW Trenton Street
Seattle, WA 98106

Lincoln Park - Grass Field, Practice Only (Fall 2023) - reserved for HSA Select
8011 Fauntleroy Way SW
Seattle, WA 98136

Madison Middle School - (renovation 2022-2023) 
3429 45th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

Riverview Playfields - U-08 (South) and U-10 (North), Grass fields
7226 12th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Roxhill Playfields (South*), U-09, Grass field
9244 29th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98146

Steve Cox Memorial Field, turf
1321 SW 102nd St,
Seattle (White Center)

Walt Hundley - Synthetic Turf, U-10*, U-11/U-12, and Full-Sided, 
6760 34th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126
*Note: U-10 games typically scheduled only for Spring Season. 

No Field Lights?

What to do if the field lights don't come on?

1. FIRST, confirm that WSSC has the field reserved. View the Practice field reservations posted on this page.

2. CALL the Seattle Parks Field Lights hotline at 1-855-330-8400. This number is staffed by a vendor, Skylogix. (If no response, call Parks Duty Officer, 206-684-7250, ext 2)

  • Identify yourself by full name and role in the organization.
  • Share the field location, time, our field reservation schedule and Permit #.
  • Please communicate with other field users present at the site to reduce the calls to the hotline.
  • Please notify [email protected] of the outage and result after practice.

King County Soccer Field Locator

King County Soccer Field Locator

Locations and directions to over 1000 soccer fields in King County Washington. Unlike other mapping programs, these soccer field locations have been individually hand-selected using GPS to actually get you to the soccer field, and to the closest parking space next to the field.

No Dogs at Fields

Note to athletic field users, friends, and families: Dogs are not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle parks, per the Seattle Municipal Code.