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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

Goal Safety

Be sure that goals are staked or anchored to the ground before use

Goal Safety

Soccer Goal Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

HSA is committed to  safety. Coaches, parents, players -- please help us make our soccer  fields safe places for our kids. Soccer goals should always be weighted and anchored, both when in use and  especially when not in use.  

HSA expects its members to ensure safe training and competition environments. This includes the installation, use and storage of all movable soccer goals.

HSA recognizes the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety as the preferred resource for goal safety. HSA recommends that members download, save and make this information easily accessible to all applicable personnel.

Please also note that, according to the CPSC, “These guidelines are intended to address the risk of movable soccer goal tip-over. They are not a CPSC standard, nor are they mandatory requirements. Therefore, the Commission does not endorse them as the sole method to minimize injuries associated with soccer goals.”