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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

Parent / Spectator Agreement

The West Seattle Soccer Club has developed the Parent / Spectator Agreement to clarify the responsibilities associated with club participation. This agreement is accepted as part of the registration process (and is listed on the Medical Release form emailed to the parents/guardians).

Parent / Spectator Agreement

I recognize that being part of a club team is a privilege, and with that privilege there is responsibility. I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. I will support my child by ensuring that transportation is available to attend games on time.
  2. I will treat the players of the team, coaches, opponents, officials and other parents with respect. I understand that my involvement is that of a positive team support member during games. I understand that it is the coaches delegated responsibility to coach during these times, my role being that of a spectator.
  3. I will demonstrate a "good sportsmanship" attitude towards my team and other teams, coaches, game officials and parents at all times.
  4. I will abide by all requirements associated with player and spectator safety, including Covid policies.
  5. I will abide by the City of Seattle Parks policy of NO DOGS at athletic fields. Please refer to the Seattle Municipal Code (Chapter 18.12, Parks Code).
  6. I will abide by the City of Seattle Parks Sports Participation Policy. Prohibited activities include NO AIR HORNS.

I understand that by checking the box, I am agreeing to meet the above expectations.

Sorry! No Jewelry

Sorry! Earrings and jewelry are NOT permitted.

FIFA Law #4 - The Player’s Equipment: “All items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather, rubber bands etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed. Using tape to cover jewelry is not acceptable.”

NO Dogs!

NO dogs allowed at the soccer fields (unless they are an official service dog)