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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

Uniforms and Equipment for WSSC Teams

Uniforms and Equipment for WSSC Teams

It is the goal of the WSSC to provide great looking uniforms for every team and participant. We are proud of our coaches and teams and want each to represent our organization with pride whenever they compete. For this reason, it is our desire that every team and player wear their league provided kit whenever they compete in matches sanctioned by the WSSC or its affiliated leagues. Teams are permitted to purchase their own (alternate) kits subject to all of the conditions below. Coaches and player families are responsible for insuring compliance with the WSSC uniform rules.

Uniforms worn by participants in the West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC) during league or sanctioned play must conform to the playing rules adopted by the WSSC and its governing bodies. Any lettering or emblems on uniforms must pertain to the club or team name, nickname, crest, mascot, player's name or nickname, or the sport of soccer. Other emblems or patches promoting drug prevention, sportsmanship, team or individual achievements, or those of a patriotic nature may be permitted with advance approval of the WSSC Board.

Uniforms and required equipment may not contain the name or identifiers of individual or business sponsors, except for those sponsors which may be specifically approved by the WSSC.

General Guidelines for Player Uniforms:

  1. Jerseys of opposing teams should be of contrasting colors. In the event of a similarity of color, the home team is responsible for making the necessary change.
  2. Except for the uniform of the goalkeeper, jerseys, shorts, and socks of teammates should be of a similar color, design, and pattern. The jersey of the goalkeeper should be distinctly different from that of any teammate or opponent, except the other goalkeeper. If visible, apparel worn under the jersey and/or shorts should be of a similar length and color.
  3. All jerseys (excluding the goal keeper) should have a unique number on the back. Numbers should be of contrasting color to the jersey and clearly visible. Pinnies may be worn over the numbered jerseys to remedy a color conflict.
  4. All participants in a game must wear shoes and shin guards. Soccer cleats are recommended. Shoes with a cleat on the toe are not permitted.
  5. Sweatbands, tight fitting stocking caps, or protective headgear may be worn.
  6. Players may not wear wristbands or jewelry, with the exception of religious or medical medals. A religious medal must be taped and worn under the uniform. A medical medal must be taped but may be visible.
  7. It is recommended that substitutes wear distinguishing pinnies when warming up outside of the team area.

Team Uniforms - Instructions for Coaches

Team Uniforms - Instructions for Coaches

For the 2019 Fall Season, team uniform packages contain a complete kit (jersey, shorts, socks) for each field player, a training jersey for players U-13 and above, and a jersey and gloves for a designated goalkeeper (U-08 and above).

The WSSC kit is the primary team uniform and should be worn in all league matches. WSSC uniforms may be worn for team practices, and must be worn in tournaments or any activity in which the team represents the West Seattle Soccer Club.

Important information concerning uniform sizes:

  1. The uniform size distribution was determined by the manufacturer based on the estimated average weight and height of players in each age group. The size distribution of the team uniforms is included with each team package.
  2. Jerseys are numbered sequentially. The smallest jersey in each team uniform package bears the lowest number. PLEASE distribute the jerseys accordingly and attempt to fit every player on your team before you request replacement uniform pieces.
  3. If you need an alternate jersey or short size to fit a player on your team please notify the WSSC Board ([email protected]) as soon as possible.
  4. It takes at least one week to order and receive replacement equipment. DO NOT WAIT until the week before your scheduled match to identify team needs.

When ordering a replacement jersey, please provide the team name, gender, age group, exact uniform color (manufacturer's description included with team kits), and the jersey number and size required to fit your player.

You can also identify the correct jersey color description using this link from the manufacturer:

Customizing WSSC Uniforms and branded Merchandise:

  1. All WSSC uniforms and merchandise may be customized with the player's name and/or with a team name or logo pursuant to the guidelines posted above.
  2. The names of businesses or individual team sponsors may not be added to WSSC uniforms or merchandise expect with written permission from the WSSC Board.

The complete kit (jersey, shorts, socks, and the training jersey for players U-13 and above) is the property of the player. Please allow the player to keep all kit elements after the conclusion of the season. If a kit is lost or damaged during the season the player's family may be responsible for the cost of replacement.

WSSC Uniforms

Soccer Cleats

NO baseball/softball cleats allowed!