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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

South Sound United League (SSUL)

Most WSSC teams U-13 and above -- and some of our highly competitive U12 & U-11 teams -- will be participating in the SSUL this Fall.

South Sound United League (SSUL) is comprised of 5 associations in South King and Pierce counties. Its mission is to provide local, like-versus-like competition at an affordable price for recreational and select teams.

The SSUL is for teams Under-10 through Under-19. Teams are placed based on competitive ability and past league experience. SSUL features flexibility in scheduling and professional league administration, including Affinity Sports league software.

The Associations will guide the league through representatives to the SSUL Board, in charge of operations, league discipline, and setting the rules for league play. The SSUL is sanctioned by Washington Youth Soccer.

The SSUL will not only foster LOCAL, Like-vs-Like competition for our recreational soccer teams, it will provide a pathway for our highly-capable teams to challenge themselves against select competition and beyond. You can reach the the SSUL board with any questions at [email protected]

Useful Information & Tips

Printing SSUL game rosters and reporting scores

  • Please download guidance to print SSUL game rosters and report scores. This document has been customized to show screen captures using a sample WS team.
  • There is also the official SSUL version posted on their Information page (also incudes guidance to add player #s to rosters, and update schedule with game changes -- fields and times).

Quick tip reminders:

  • First game: view your schedule on the SSUL site. If your first game this weekend does not have a game time and field listed, please click on the opposing team name and the team contact should appear. Contact the team representative for game information. If you have a home game, contact opposing coach with game time, field and uniform colors. HOME teams must change if there is a color conflict.
  • Pick up player cards and laminate with player photos. (Instructions on when & how forthcoming).
  • Print game rosters from AFFINITY. See above link. If a player is missing from your roster, also print out a team roster from Sports Connect and bring to game. Respond to this message with player's name so we can upload information to Affinity (occurs each Thursday).
  • Entering game scores. After your game concludes, enter your game score by Monday of each week. See above link.

This email provides information to managers and coaches new to the league and as a refresher for returning members. All coaches and managers are expected to work together throughout the season to ensure scheduling and communications are done properly. Below are some items that all coaches and managers need to be familiar with.

The SSUL Rules and Procedures are published on the SSUL Web Site under the League Docs tab. To make your team's experience as best as possible, at a minimum, every participating team's coach and team manager should read the League Docs. Remember: Ignorance of the rules and procedures of the SSUL will never be an accepted excuse on matters that arise so take the time upfront!

South Sound United League Website

You can access all league related information on our website at The site contains team brackets, schedules, score reporting, standings, and general guidelines for the league.

Game rosters

You will need to log into the SSUL Affinity site (from the SSUL Schedule page) using your Affinity user name and password (upper left of page). Refer to the guidance above to print rosters.

Home Team Responsibilities

Teams hosting games are responsible for the following:

  • Secure referees (WSSC Ref Assignor loads games in TRIAS Soccer Central, our referee services site where refs self-assign to WSSC games).
  • Provide a suitable field for play that includes all the proper markings and goals. (WSSC Field Scheduler assigns fields.)
  • Ensure goals are safe for play and are properly secured.
  • Provide game balls for the match
  • Provide the following information to the opposing team 72 hours prior to the day of game (or as soon as they are notified):
    • Location and time of game.
    • Team colors (home team must change if there is a color conflict)

Responsibilities of Both Teams

Both teams are responsible for the following:

  • Provide a game roster (2 copies) with jersey numbers to the referee prior to the start of game.
  • Provide player (membership) cards to the referee.
  • Report your scores promptly through the SSUL website by the Monday following the match.

Score Reporting

  • Teams must report the game score in the Affinity league tools and as directed by the SSUL Administrator. Refer to guidance above.
  • If a game was not played as scheduled for any reason, this information must be reported to the SSUL Administrator via Affinity.
  • If a game was abandoned, this information must be reported to the association representative and SSUL Administrator.


Refer to the SSUL Rules, 1.17 Disciplinary.

Sideline Responsible Behavior

Coaches are held responsible for the behavior of the coaches, parents, players, and fans. Referees have the authority to dismiss a coach from a match if the behavior from the sideline is irresponsible or unacceptable. There's no good reason to hassle or yell at the referees, regardless the call or non-call - vent your frustration and counsel your sidelines to express themselves in a positive and supportive manner.

The SSUL supports its referees and has a ZERO TOLERANCE for situations of referee abuse and will result in disciplinary action. Remember, it's a game for the kids so set a positive example.

Refer to SSUL Rules (Section 1.11 Coaching/Sideline Conduct) for more information.

Other Rules to Remember

Earrings are not allowed, no exceptions. Players will be asked to leave the field should they be caught wearing an earring.

Dogs: Many of the fields also have city or county ordinances prohibiting dogs on the sports fields. WSSC does not allow dogs at West Seattle fields.

SSUL Resources

SSUL Member Associations