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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

Entering your team in a tournament -- please plan ahead!

Tournaments Guidelines

WSSC reimburses each U-8 to U-10 team up to $200 per team and U-11 to U-19 team up to $400 per calendar year for tournaments. WSSC also pays for State Rec Cup entry (currently $150) and an equal amount for State Founders Cup entry. (For more information on this, please check our Policies page.

Is your WSSC team playing in a tournament? Please plan ahead!

Tournament participation requires advance planning and preparation.

  1. The coach must complete and sign the approved WSSC and HSA Tournament roster form (download .doc file or .pdf file), which includes the player's full legal name and date of birth, and provide any other documentation specific to that tournaments entry requirements.
  2. This documentation must be forwarded to the WSSC Registrar [email protected] for signature approval.
    Note: the WSSC Registrar will not sign the tournament roster if there are players whose age are unverified. Parents must submit verification (i.e. copy of birth certificate or passport) to the WSSC Registrar.
  3. Once WSSC approval is granted, the WSSC Registrar will forward the documentation to the Association Registrar for final approval. Please allow at least seven (7) business days to accomplish this function.

Remember that you and your team are representing the Club and the Highline Soccer Association. Play hard. Play fair. Have fun! Go WSSC!

WSSC Trophy Room

The Trophy Room recognizes WSSC team accomplishments during tournament play. Learn more.