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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

U6/U7 Coed Program - FALL 2021

Photos by Joy Larsen-Giacalone

June 2021

West Seattle Soccer Club is pleased to continue its skills clinic & games program for our Fall 2021 U6/U7 Coed season. For several years, we have partnered with UK International Soccer to provide Master Coaches that assist our volunteer coaches each game day by demonstrating skills practice for our youngest players. This season, we again have partnered with UKIS to provide Master Coaches for a skills clinic program and games.

Each Sunday for eight weeks, our U6/U7 Coed teams can participate in one-hour skills clinics (concluding with a game) under the guidance of UKIS Master Coaches. All participants are required to execute a hold harmless waiver and strictly observe safety protocols. We are excited to have our young players exercising outside and look forward to everyone working together to make this program a success.

VIDEO: See the U6/U7 Master Coach Program in action!

2021 Fall HSA U06-U07 schedules

COACHES - be sure to sign up your team for Team Photos (held September 18 & 19). Don't delay, reserved times goes fast. 

Overall Schedule

Coed U06-U07
Games Begin - Sunday, September 19, 2021
Coed U06 11:30am Schedule
Coed U06 1:00pm Schedule
Coed U07 2:30pm Schedule
Coed U07 4:00pm Schedule

FIELD MAP and setup instructions

Letter to Parents (Sept. 16)

Overview and Guidelines

The following program allows safe soccer training for U6 and U7 players. It is designed to maintain safe distance and other precautions against spreading COVID-19 while also providing an structured opportunity for young children to be active, develop physical skills, and be part of a team.

Session Description

Covid protocols may be substantially different when the Fall season starts in September.  Currently, all participants must be masked except during actual play, and all spectators must wear masks and maintain social distancing at at all times. Our Master Coach program for U6 and U7 teams and volunteer coaches provides a UKIS Master Coach – a professional coach with a lot of experience with this age group – to teach soccer-based activities designed to develop skills and keep the kids engaged. After working through the skills, teams will then play a game. There will be two UKIS Master Coaches rotating between the 5 fields, supporting and assisting our volunteer coaches.

Medical Release Form

Please download, print, and sign the medical release form and return it to your coach by the beginning of the first session on April 25th. Children are not allowed to play until completed form is turned in.

When do we play?

  • Sundays September 19th- November 7th.
    Session times (subject to change):
    • U6: 11:30-12:30 PM, and 1:00-2:00 PM
    • U7: 2:30-3:30 PM, and 4:00-5:00 PM
  • There is a 30-minute gap between the end of one session and the beginning of the next.
  • Check with your coach so that you know ahead of time the number and location of your assigned field.
  • After the games, players and parents please leave the field area within 5 minutes of the session end time.
  • Covid 19 Restrictions presently limit the number of spectators at a field. Players and one accompanying parent (per child) should arrive at the field no more than 10 minutes before the session start time.

Players, Teams and Fields

  • We are expecting 40 teams, each comprised of 7-9 U6/U7 coed players. There will be 10 teams playing in each time slot.
  • The playfield will be divided into 5 modified fields of 50’ x 75’ or 50' x 90'. (See field diagram.) This size field is appropriate for 5-6 year old players.
  • Field numbers will be clearly marked.

Skills Clinic and Game Procedures

  • Training is designed around developing individual ball-handling skills and passing to teammates at a distance.
  • Players should take care to keep their water bottle and any other belongings separate from others.
  • Each child may have 1 parent in attendance, masked and maintaining social distancing.
  • Parents may approach the touchline to assist their child in the case of an injury or upset.
  • Games start immediately following the skills clinic
  • One coach per team may be on the field to help direct game (no refs assigned).
  • Players may remove masks during actual play, otherwise Players, Parents and Coaches are masked at all times.

Other Safety Measures

  • Players exhibiting any signs of an upper respiratory infection, i.e., coughing, sneezing, lethargy, fever, etc. are not to attend.
  • Parents should inform coaches if their child has been in close contact (through school, family or otherwise) with a person who has subsequently been diagnosed with COVID-19. Children who have had such a close contact are not to attend practice.
  • West Seattle Soccer Club will inform other parents if such an exposure has taken place, while working to protect the confidentiality of personal medical information.

View WSSC Covid-19 Action Plan for more information.

UKIS Master Coaches

UKIS Master Coaches Nathan and Ben are leading our Fall 2021 program.
(NOTE: photo was taken prior to first session before participants arrived to field.)

Weekly Session Plans

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

  • Week: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Fall 2020

Field Setup

Fall 2021 Field

Our Fall program is being held at Hiawatha Playfiield at West Seattle High School.

Address: 2700 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

View field map.

Age Group Coordinators

Clydene Evans-Wenzel
[email protected]

Pushpa Larsen-Giacalone
[email protected]

Claire Brannan
[email protected]