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West Seattle Soccer Club (WSSC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I determine my player's age group and fee?

Click on Registration in the banner above and consult the table on the right side.  You may also refer to the Registration Overview section of the registration page for player age groups and associated fees.

Is it too late to register?

We accept player registrations up to the start of the season, provided space is available on a team at the appropriate age level. After registration closes, all player registrations are waitlisted and added to a team based upon availability. View the Registration Overview page for registration deadlines.
Registration Page

How do I sign up for a friend's team or a specific coach?

We accept "buddy" and coach requests and try hard to accommodate these requests. Register early to secure the best chance of getting on your requested team, and make the request in the comments section of the registration. Please make sure to include the full name of the buddy, coach, or team requested. After the registration deadline, the player assignment team places late registering players on teams with the smallest roster. Even in cases where your requested team has space and you are past the deadline, the player assignment team needs to place the next player on a team with fewer players to ensure competitive balance.

How are teams formed?

Click here to view the Player Assignment Guidelines.

Do you accept beginning soccer players?


Do you have programs for kids under the age of seven?

Our Coed U-06 and U-07 programs are an excellent way to introduce the concepts of team play and basic soccer skills to four, five and six-year-old players. This is a low-key program with an emphasis on fun. All Coed U-06 & U-07 games are played in West Seattle More information about our Coed U-06 and Coed U-07 programs are posted on our Coed Programs page.

How will I be notified regarding the team assignment for my child?

WSSC notifies the coaches of the players on their team roster and the coach contacts all of the players. Once registration closes, a date is provided on the WSSC home page stating when the coach should contact you. If this date has passed, please contact us at [email protected]. You will also be able to contact your coach and team via TeamConnect.

May I register my child without a specific team request?

Yes! We make every effort to ensure each registered player has a team to play on and that every team has approximately the same number of players to equally distribute playing time. In rare situations where we cannot find a team for a player, we promptly refund registration fees.

When is Fall Season?

Fall season starts around the beginning of September for all age groups:

  • U-13 and older (and some U-11) teams generally start the first weekend following Labor Day and play a 12-game season
  • U-08 to U-12 teams generally start two weeks after Labor Day and play a 10-game season
  • Coed U-06 and U-07 teams play on Sundays and generally begin one to two weeks after Labor Day.
  • View our Programs page and Schedules page for more information.

When are Fall games?

Fall game days vary by age and competition level:

  • Coed U-06 and U-07 teams play Sunday afternoons. The league scheduler sets the time and location of all home games, generally following the request of the team coach.
  • All U-08 through U-12 teams play on Saturdays.
  • U-13 and older (and some highly competitive U11 & U12 teams) teams will be playing in the South Sound United League (SSUL). Teams can play either Saturday or Sunday.
  • View our Programs page and Schedules page for more information.

When is the Spring Season?

Spring season begins the first week of April and is 8 weeks long generally excluding Easter and Memorial Day Weekend. Games are played on Sunday afternoons, starting between 12:30pm and 5:15pm. More about the Spring Season...

What is the fee to play soccer?

Registration fees range from $110-$195 per player for the Fall 2019 season and $75 per player for the Spring 2020 seasonScholarships are available for those families with financial need. Please view the Registration Overview page for player fees by age group.

What does my fee cover?

Registration fees pay for field rental, equipment (including goals, nets, balls, and cones), player insurance, referees, medical supplies, administration costs, field development, league fees, and our registration fees to Washington Youth Soccer and Highline Soccer Association). For the fall season, West Seattle Soccer Club provides jerseys, shorts, and socks for each player assigned to a team. In the spring, only jerseys are provided.

May I request a refund if my child in unable to finish the season?

Yes - please check the WSSC Policies page for refund guidelines.

What equipment do I need to provide?

All players must wear shin guards and long socks, and soccer cleats are strongly recommended. Baseball cleats can be used to play soccer provided the toe cleat has been completely removed.

When are practices?

The team coach determines the number of practices per week, the location, and the time. WSSC reserves practice fields for fall season only. Coaches can schedule optional practices for spring season.

Can earrings and/or jewelry be worn, even if they are taped up?

No! Jewelry of any kind, including earrings, is considered dangerous to the players and not allowed for any reason in soccer at any level. If jewelry cannot be removed, the referee, who is responsible for the safety of the players, cannot permit the player to play. We encourage deferring any plans for pierced ears until soccer season is over.

Why are hospital birth certificates not acceptable?

Our governing body, Washington State Youth Soccer (WSYSA) requires a government-issued proof of age on file with WSSC for every child who is a registered member of our club.

Do you reimburse for coaches clinics, referee clinics or entering tournaments?

Yes - we encourage our coaches to take coaching clinics, both youth and adults to get certified as a referee, and for coaches to enter their teams in tournaments. Please refer to our WSSC Policies for refund guidelines.