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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for each season?

Spring Season 
Registrations OpenEarly December
Registrations CloseMid January
Practices BeginMid February
Games BeginLate February
Season EndsLate May
Fall Season 
Registrations OpenEarly July
Registrations CloseMid August
Practices BeginLate August
Games BeginLate September
Season EndsEarly November

*Dates are estimates and are subject to change!

A list of Important Dates will be published on our website prior to the start of each season.

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What is the cut-off date for your age divisions?

The cut-off date for our age divisions is May 1st.

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What are the different age divisions, their descriptions and their age requirements?

CLICK HERE to go to our Division Descriptions webpage.

CLICK HERE to go to our Division Age Chart.

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Can my child "play up" an age division?

Cooper City Optimist Baseball does not allow players to "play up" in the next older age division for any reason. Players are assigned to an age division based on their age as of May 1st.

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Can my child "play down" an age division?

Cooper City Optimist Baseball does not allow players to "play down" in the next younger age division for any reason. Players are assigned to an age division based on their age as of May 1st.

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Can I request that my child be on the same team as his/her classmate, neighbor, friend, cousin or sibling for carpool or personal preference?

Siblings in the same age division will always be on the same team unless the family specifically requests separate teams.

In 4U Instructional Tee Ball, carpool requests and request to be on the same team with a classmate, friend, neighbor or cousin will be honored if requested.

All other age divisions are drafted leagues. Carpool requests and requests to be on the same team with a classmate, friend, neighbor or cousin cannot be honored.

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When are practices?

Teams typically practice 1-2 times per week. Practice schedules depend on number of teams in the age division, field availability and the coach's schedule.

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When are games?

We typically play 2 games per week. One weeknight game and one weekend game. Weeknight games can be played any night Monday - Friday. Weeknight games start at 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM, depending on age division. Weekend games are typically on Saturday. Saturday games start anytime between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We may play a game on a Sunday in the event we need to make up a rained out weeknight or Saturday game.

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What equipment does my child need?

Players are only required to have their own glove. We also recommend each player to have their own bat, batting helmet, cleats and an equipment bag. If a child does not have their own bat or batting helmet the league can provide the coach with a batting helmet and/or bat for team use.

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When will I find out what team my child is on?

Coaches will contact their players by email or phone within 2-3 days after the drafts. If you are not contacted by the coach within 2-3 days after drafts you should contact the Division Coordinator (See the baseball Contact Us webpage).

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Can I get a refund if my child decides not to play?

Refund requests must be in writing and received prior to each season's refund deadline. A $25 processing fee will be assessed for each approved refund processed. NO REFUNDS will be issued after the refund deadline.

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What's included with the registration fee?

The registration fee includes:

All practices and games scheduled by the league
Full uniform (jersey, pants, socks and cap)
Participation trophy
Individual & team picture

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I do not live in Cooper City, can my child still play in your program?

Yes! We are required to collect a $30 non-resident fee for all new and returning participants that do not reside in the city boundaries of Cooper City. A Cooper City Utility bill is required as proof of residency for all Cooper City residents. NON-Cooper City residents will be wait-listed to allow Cooper City residents first right to participate and comply with residency requirements. In the event a NON-Cooper City resident is denied participation a full refund will be issued.

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How can I sign up to be a coach?

When you register your child there is also a registration program for Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Helpers. Registering as a Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Helpers does not guarantee you will get a team; that decision is made by the Baseball Commissioner and Division Commissioner prior to Player Evaluations. See our General Playing Rules on the Documents webpage for the coach selection process.

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I registered to coach a team, but I did not get a call that I'm coaching a team. What does this mean?

If you did not receive a call, you were not selected as a coach of a team this season. Contact your child's coach to see if you can assist in coaching.

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Are there tryouts for the teams and what's involved?

We do not have tryouts; everyone makes a team. However, we do have Player Evaluations. Player Evaluations allow the coaches the opportunity to rate the hitting, running, fielding and throwing skills of the participants in the program. Player Evaluations help us balance the skill levels of our teams allowing for a fair, competitive season. Player Evaluations are typically held the weekend after the last "In Person" Registration.

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What if my child does not attend Player Evaluations?

Participants that do not attend Player Evaluations will be assigned to a team via a "hat pick" after all participants who attended the Player Evaluations have been selected in the draft.

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When will game schedules be completed and posted on the website?

Schedules are completed after teams are created. While this is a time consuming process, we try to have them done as soon after as possible.

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How do I find out if my child’s game is rained out?

As soon as we are notified by the city that fields are closed due to rain, inclement weather or unusable/unsafe field conditions we will close the affected fields on the website and cancel the events assigned on these fields. A text and email notification will automatically be sent out to the coaches and team members with events scheduled on the affected field(s).

You can also check the home page of the website for field statuses; as well as the Master Schedule or your Team's Schedule for event statuses.

Hopefully, coaches will also be emailing, texting or calling you with this information if they know it before you do. If a practice is canceled, you will learn that from your own coach.

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How are rescheduling of canceled games handled?

We try our best to reschedule as many canceled games as possible. Our ability to reschedule games depends on how many games need to be rescheduled, field availability and if the rescheduling of the game is necessary.

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If you do not find the answer to your question on our FAQ webpage, send your question(s) to us via email to [email protected] and we will reply with an answer within 2 - 3 days.

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