Soccer Recruits

SoccerRecruits is a special program offered by NJ Crush FC for our U15+ players. empowers high school athletes to pursue their dreams of playing at the next level by offering tools and guidance to streamline the recruiting process. Members develop and maintain a player profile with their academic transcripts, test scores, event schedule and video. Using the Built-In Messaging System, members contact their target list of schools in just a few clicks and then track which schools are looking at their information.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What is


A: is a recruiting platform that was built for high school student athletes in consultation with the college coaching community. provides players and parents with a suite of online tools that assists them in the recruiting process while maximizing their exposure to college coaches.


Q: Do college coaches use


A: Every college coach in the country is a registered user of, giving users the ability to put their profile and video in front of any coaching staff in the country in a matter of minutes.


Q: How do my coaches and directors use to help me?


A: Your coaches use the platform to make sure you are on the right track. They can see which schools are on your favorite list, which schools you are contacting, and which schools are viewing your profile. They are also able to seamlessly tag schools that may be a good fit for you. More than anything, the platform provides the your club coaches and directors access to the information they need to help you be successful.


Q: How do I get started?


A: You will be sent activation instructions from [email protected] once we receive everything we need from your club directors. If you fail to activate your account, your club coaches, recruiting coordinators, and directors will not be able to help you communicate with college coaches through this platform.

If you have questions or special requests, please email us at [email protected] if you haven't received your invitation to please contact your team manager or [email protected]