Team Updates - Fall 2014 Vol. 1


Team Updates

Fire CFC Champs

U9 Blitz

The Blitz are a very energetic group of players and have shown that in their practice sessions. They have been playing 5v5 EFSL games and have been getting plenty of touches on the ball. They are certainly improving week by week and their first touch is a lot more consistent. 

U10 Impact

The Impact had a slow start to the season, struggling to adjust to the speed of the training sessions and the intensity of the program. They have really taken huge steps in their development over the past couple of weeks, which has reflected in the practice and game environment. They have played some brilliant soccer in their past couple of games and we are hoping to build on that. 

U11 Fire

The U11 Fire have started the season strongly and are competing in the top flight of EDP against some of the best teams in the state and region. At the time of writing the U11 Fire are ranked number 2 in NJ (according to GotSoccer) . They are currently scheduled for a NJYS State Cup Quarter Final game and have started their EDP season very well and to date are undefeated. The FC Stars tournament saw them achieve semi-finalist status and the CFC tournament saw them crowned as Champions. The Fire will look to continue their good form throughout the Fall and hopefully see more success on the field before the end of the season.

U11 Fire White

The Fire White adopts a passing style of play and a good team ethic.  The Fire White are a great group of players who not only possess huge energy and have an amazing will to succeed but are a group of players who have the heart and passion to evolve and will continue to play hard to achieve their goals. The Fire White’s goals are to develop as a team and continue to push to the limits and become a team that competes week in, week out at the highest level.

U12 Flames

The U12 Flames are looking forward to their future. After spending their last few seasons with Alan Harris, the team has a solid foundation to work upon and has great talent. The season began at the FC Stars tournament where we were placed in the top bracket against some great competition and although we didn't come out with wins across the board, we competed well for our first outing as a team.

U12 Flames White

A little over a year ago Flames White started within the club as a developmental team and in such a short amount of time have become a team who not only competes against the highest level teams but also can compete against our very own elite team. Currently competing in the NPL league is a testament to just how far this team has come in their short history . The team plays a patient passing style of play that focuses on technique and tactical awareness. The Flame White’s goals are to continue to develop and focus on technique and continue to focus on team effort rather than individual performance.Flames White Champs

U13 Tsunami

This is a great group of girls that is ranked on the national level that continues to grow and develop.  The Tsunami has had some set backs with a few key injuries but the team is working to get healthy and are ready to compete this fall.  The team has high goals over the long term and we are anxious to see this team perform on some of the biggest stages.

U13 Tsunami White

Another great group of players has started to find some new chemistry.  There has been an addition of 7 new players from outside NJC that have joined in the off season to round out this talented group.  This group shows a lot of promise and can compete with many of the top teams in the state.  This is not a typical second team by any means. The team competed this past Labor Day weekend in a talented bracket and showed their potential in time.  We look forward to what they bring to the field on a weekly basis.

U14 Storm

The U14 Storm are going through an initial transition period with a new coach and 7 new players in the team. The team is adjusting to this enormous change but have been adjusting well, as they are currently undefeated in their National Premier League play and have reached the NJYS State Cup Quarter Finals. The Storm have targets that they should be achieving by the end of the fall and looking to build on the success they experienced with coach Simon last year. The girls will continue to play their NPL games and also play in a tournament in Virginia in December. Hopefully as the girls adjust to a coaching change and 7 new players the girls will continue to gel, getting stronger as the Fall continues.

U15 Tornadoes, U15 Crossfire, 
U16 Charge, U16Charge Blue, U17 Strikers, U18 Fury

All of our High School Crush players are now in full swing with their high school teams! Some are teammates on Crush but competing against one another on the high school field, which makes for some great battles! Wishing all players a great season with their respective High School teams!