Tryouts Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions relating to tryouts for NJ Crush FC. For dates/times/locations and registration please go to TRYOUTS page

Q: Which team or age group does my daughter tryout for?
A:With new US Soccer Directives, please sign up for "birth year" based teams. For more information on the topic, take a look at our Age Group Change page
Q: What should my daughter bring to tryouts?
A: Your daughter should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, her shin guards, cleats and her own ball. Your daughter must aim to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early for the tryout to register at the registration desk.

Q: How do I sign my daughter up for tryouts?
Every player must sign up for tryouts via our website online. This can be done at the following link:

Q: What age groups do NJ Crush hold tryouts for?
A: NJ Crush holds tryouts for girls only teams from U8-U18 that form as year-round teams playing on an elite level. We also have a FREE U4-U7 academy that does not require tryouts and runs in the Fall and Spring seasons for our younger players. We also offer specialized training clinics throughout the year.

Q: What if tryouts get cancelled due to weather?
A: Should tryouts be cancelled for any reason you will be notified by email of a rain-out date and to not travel to the field with the email you used for registration.

Q: Am I (as a parent) allowed  to attend tryouts?
A: Parents are allowed to attend tryouts but must remain behind the fences around the fields and are greatly discouraged from communicating with their daughters for any reason during the tryout. 

Q: How many tryouts should I attend? 
A: You should make every effort for your daughter to attend both tryouts but she must attend one at minimum. If this is not possible then you can reach out to the one of our club directors and potentially have your daughter evaluated within a practice session. This will be decided by the club directors on a case by case basis.

Q: When will I be notified whether my daughter has made the team or not?
A: You will be notified via email from Executive Director Lee Glover ([email protected]) whether your daughter has been accepted or not by the latest Saturday 31st May. Details about the team and payment schedules will be included in your welcome packet should you be accepted.

Q: Do I tryout for a specific team or an age group?
A: All players tryout for an age group, not individual teams. They will be evaluated based on this age group tryout for their appropriate developmental level and where they will flourish the most.

Q: My daughter is a goalkeeper, what should she do?
A: Your daughter should attend the tryout for her age group and notify the head coach of the age group that she wishes to tryout for the position of goalkeeper. She will then be assessed by our goalkeeping staff to evaluate her for goalkeeping as well as her field play. 

Q: Does NJ Crush allow players to “play up” an age group for an older team?
A: NJ Crush does allow players to play up in higher age groups, but we must feel that your daughter will benefit the most from this experience. You should register for your daughter’s birth date age group and then make clear that your daughter intends to tryout for the age group up. Playing up is decided on a case by case basis. 

Q: How many teams are formed per age group?
A: NJ Crush attempt to have two teams per age group to allow for the development of players across an age group. There is movement within the age groups throughout the year. 

Q: How many players make each team?
A: Our small sided teams U8 play 4v4, then U9 and U10 play 7v7, and U11 and U12 play 9v9 and as a result will roster between 10-14 players per team, dependent upon age group. Our large sided teams (U13-U18) target 14-18 players. We will not maximize rosters for finances but rather the players must be of a sufficient quality to ensure that they will benefit from playing on the team.

Q: Does NJ Crush allow “double carding”?
A: NJ Crush allows players to double card with their town travel team and also play for NJ Crush. We ask that your priority be with NJ Crush over your own travel team though.

Q: What leagues do NJ Crush play in?
A: NJ Crush play in regional elite leagues such as NPL (National Premier League), EDP, Region 1 or similar.

Q: Do you have a guide on how to sign up?
A: We have a short document that outlines a typical registration process for a supplemental course or for tryouts. *our apologies as our registration system was just updated* and our registration process has changed.

Q: I have signed up, but never received a confirmation email...
A: There can be a couple of reasons:
1: Make sure that [email protected] is not blocked [or [email protected]] by your email reader.
2: You may have used an incorrect email, please re-register if possible, we will use that email address for future communication