Go4TheGoal mini-tournament

Go 4 The Goal Fundraiser representing teams made up of NJ Crush FC players

NJ Crush is looking forward to a fun event that will raise money for a great cause. As we mentioned there will be food and drink for sale, also we would like all players arriving at the following times:

U9-U11: 12.45pm 

U12-U14: 3.30pm

U15+: 6.15pm

We want players there before their kick off, so that we can ensure the smooth running of the event. Players should come wearing their team colours, shorts and socks don't have to match. Footwear can either be indoor turfs or regular outdoors. Don't worry if you don't have the correct jersey colour, we will have pinneys.

A huge thank you to all the families that have emailed Simon with their $1 donation per goal and your other generous donations. We look forward to a fun filled day of soccer.

U9-U11 Teams
U12-U14 Teams
U15+ Teams


 U9-U11 Teams
 Group 1
 Manchester United (red): Avery, Sara, Jess, Megan
 Real Madrid (white): Chloe, Ella, Lara, Kerry
 Arsenal (yellow): Dina, Ruby, Emily, Emma
 AC Milan (black): Nina, Jenna, Lily J, Ela, Caitlyn
 Group 2
 Barcelona (orange): Noelle, Lily G, Kayla C, Julia
 Chelsea (royal blue): Eva, Natalie, Hayley, Vivian, Ariel
 Manchester City (sky blue): Olivia, Elizabeth, Kayla B, Kelsey, Kaitlyn
 Juventus (pink): Ashley, Kendall, Taylor, Ava

U9-U11 Schedule:
Field 1 Man U vs Arsenal 1.30pm Madrid vs Milan 1.42pm
Man U vs Madrid 1.54pm Milan vs Arsenal 2.06pm
Man U vs Milan 2.18pm Madrid vs Arsenal 2.30pm

Field 2 Barca vs Chelsea 1.30pm City vs Juve 1.42pm
Chelsea vs City 1.54pm Barca vs Juve 2.06pm
Barca vs City 2.18pm Chelsea vs Juve 2.30pm

Semi Final & Final - Field 1
G1 w vs G2 r 2.45pm 3rd vs 4th 3.15pm
G2 w vs G1 r 2.57pm Winners 3.28pm

Consolation - Field 2
G1 3 vs G2 4 2.45pm G1 3 vs G2 3 3.15pm
G2 3 vs G1 4 2.57pm G1 4 vs G2 4 3.28pm

 U12-U14 Teams
 Group 1
 Manchester United (red): Ania, Mary Clare, Liza, Jenna, Ada
 Real Madrid (white): Emily C, Julia D, Dom, Maya, Karlee
 Arsenal (yellow): Kaitlyn, Sasha, Tara F, Olivia, Juliana
 Group 2
 AC Milan (black): Megan, Emily S, Tara L, Ali, Nikki, Liz
 Dortmund (green): Carly, Katelyn, Brooke, Emma, Molly
 Barcelona (orange): Kelly, Kristen, Ava M, Sarah, Julia N
 Group 3
 Chelsea (royal blue): Mia, Ella, Taylor, Maddie Y, Angelia
 Manchester City (sky blue): Sammi, Giulia, Anna, Ava, Riley
 Juventus (pink): Maddie V, Kate, Natasha, Ava T, Arianna

U12-U14 Schedule
Field 1 Man U vs Madrid 4.15pm Arsenal vs Chelsea 4.27pm
Man U vs Dort 4.39pm Madrid vs Arsenal 4.52pm
AC vs Juve 5.04pm Dort vs AC 5.16pm
Man u vs Arsenal 5.28pm

Field 2 Barca vs Chelsea 4.15pm City vs Ac 4.27pm
Madrid vs Barca 4.39pm Chelsea vs City 4.52pm
Barca vs City 5.04pm Juve vs Madrid 5.16pm
Dort vs Juve 5.28pm

Semi Final & Final - Field 1
G1 w vs G2 w 5.32pm 3rd vs 4th 5.56pm
G3 w vs WC 5.44pm Winners 6.08pm

Consolation - Field 2
1vs2 5.32pm
1vs3 5.44pm
2vs3 5.56pm

U15+ Teams
 Group 1
 Manchester United (red): Claire, Caroline, Maddie, Kelly H, Nikki
 Real Madrid (white): Kristina, Cassie, Izzy, Kayley, Beth
 Arsenal (yellow): Julia Z, Rebecca, Emily, Chloe, Val
 Group 2
 AC Milan (black): Tiana, Roxana, Kira, Erin, Tea
 Dortmund (green): Holly, Taylor Ps, Sam, Caitlyn, Taylor Pa, Emily
 Barcelona (orange): Kelly P, Elizabeth, Olivia, Kaleigh, Emma
 Group 3
 Chelsea (royal blue): Kaitlyn, Rachael, Aileen, Mackenzie, Nikki
 Manchester City (sky blue): Lauren W, Jessica, Anabella, Mary, Lexi
 Juventus (pink): Lauren H, Julia B, Julia R, Shaelyn, Lindsay

U12-U14 Schedule
Field 1 Man U vs Madrid 7pm Arsenal vs Chelsea 7.12pm
Man U vs Dort 7.24pm Madrid vs Arsenal 7.36pm
AC vs Juve 7.48pm Dort vs AC
Man u vs Arsenal 8.15pm

Field 2 Barca vs Chelsea 7pm City vs Ac 7.12pm
Madrid vs Barca 7.24pm Chelsea vs City 7.36pm
Barca vs City 7.48pm Juve vs Madrid 8pm
Dort vs Juve 8.15pm

Semi Final & Final - Field 1
G1 w vs G2 w 8.20pm 3rd vs 4th 8.46pm
G3 w vs WC 8.32pm Winners 9pm

1vs2 8.20pm
1vs3 8.32pm
2vs3 8.46pm