Player Development

At NJ Crush FC our training goal is to develop players over many years to ensure we provide a stable platform at the elite level.  Not only do we provide a fast pace, professional learning experience but we also like to instill that true love of soccer that all players should have within our club.

The U5-8 Academy is for our youngest players.  Everyone who wishes to participate will be accepted into the academy.  The environment is one that provides a fun, learning experience that also builds confidence and self assurance on the playing field. Encouragement and a positive field experience is what our youngest players enjoy. Training programs are put together throughout each season where players are put in small group scenarios.

The U10-U12 age groups are classified within our training program as the Technical Training group.  Our coaches focus on teaching the proper techniques in the fundamental skills of control, passing, movement off the ball, and defending.  In addition, coaches touch on developing an awareness of space and the overall shape of  the team on the field as a whole.  Educating players the right way early, helps us create a stronger player in the older age groups. Training practices in these age groups are 2-3 times per week.

The U13-U15 age groups are classified within our training program as the Tactical Training group.  Building on and continuing the player’s technical development from the younger age groups, coaches for these age groups also teach a wide range of game strategies and develop patterns of play.  Individual player development and player cohesion are the key components to building successful players and teams. Training practices in these age groups are 3 times per week.

The U16-U18 age groups are classified within our training program as the Advanced Training group.  As the children reach these ages, their game must reach the next level of play to reach the elite level soccer platforms in the US. The coaches focus primarily on the player’s development and understanding of “systems of play”.  As our player’s move on to greater ventures in soccer, it is imperative to equip them with the tools they need to succeed in the game and in life.

In the end, as the children grow older and face the real world, translating lessons learned on the field into useful life experience for handling both life’s successes and failures is the most valuable training of all.