Nutrition and Peak Performance

Laura Kuiken

NJ Crush Nutritionist

Email: [email protected]

Meet Laura, NJ Crush’s nutrition consultant. She is on staff to mentor athletes to reach peak performance.

Laura has had real life experience with nutrition through her own up and down struggles with food.  Through food and education she has helped impact many clients, friends, peers, and loved ones with an array of issues such as: lack of self esteem and confidence, diabetes, overweight, gluten intolerances, and sports performance just to name a few. She has been a nutrition educator for The Christian Health Care Center and HealthBarn both in Wyckoff, NJ. Laura currently works as a nutritionist at Platinum Fitness, a health club in Verona, NJ, where she meets with members in one-on-one and group settings coaching them to use food to heal and/or control many health issues, such as Diabetes and obesity as well as to excel in various sports arenas.  She currently does sports nutrition for NJ Crush in Franklin lakes, NJ, mentoring athletes to reach peak performance.

Laura graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and food sciences with a concentration in Dietetics, from Montclair State University. Laura brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to everything she does.  Her mission is to help all different kinds of people reach their physical and emotional best through Nutrition and support.