About C.A.S

The Crush Academy System, also know as CAS, is designed for NJ Crush players only, for the ages of U8-U14 and was created for the sole purpose to give back to the hard working, enthusiastic, goal-driven players.

Players selected into CAS are players who have been highlighted and selected by their team coach based on their attitude, development, and commitment throughout the fall, winter and spring seasons. Being selected to participate in CAS is a privilege and shows a tremendous amount of character by each individual player who is invited into the program. Our goal and mission for CAS is to create a professional environment where players want to be a part of and only their attitude with their NJ Crush team, will allow any of that to happen. Player selection will be announced on Tuesday 29th of September.

CAS players are selected on a month to month basis and not designed for each team's “best” player but simply for the hardworking, committed and focused player who shows great strides each month they step on the field.  Our goal with the crush academy system is to offer a unique and professional experience for every player selected into the program. Players will take part in challenging, in-depth curriculums during training as well as game day evaluations and session evaluations.

As players and families make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, our aim is to utilize the extensive knowledge and insight CAS possesses to assist players in achieving their future goals. Providing continuing education for players and parents is fundamental to the CAS philosophy.


 Our U8-U9-U10 Age Group from October


Our U11-U12 Age Group


And finally our U13-U14 Age group from October 2015

If you have questions about CAS, please e-mail Danny Vedder at [email protected]