2014 Fall Newsletter - Simon Royle
Simon Royle is the Director of Coaching at NJ Crush FC and a coach of 3 of our teams: G9 BlitzG10 Impact and G15 Crossfire. He frequently runs small group sessions at ETA.
Featured Coach - Simon Royle

How has girls soccer changed since you began coaching?

I started coaching in England in 2000, where women's soccer was non existent. When I arrived in the US in 2006, I was honestly surprised to see the quality of women’s soccer. I think the game has progressed well over the years, getting closer to the speed of the mens game. The women are playing at a quicker tempo and remain extremely technical. The game has really started to move away from just anyone playing the sport and the fastest, strongest athletes make the difference. We are now starting to see technical players have a big influence on the game, creating an ascetically pleasing game to watch.

What is the most rewarding part about coaching for you?

Personally, I like seeing a player master a technical aspect that they have been taught and seeing the look on their face when they realize that they can complete the technique with quality, speed and control.

What are some of your most memorable moments over the past few seasons?

The trip to Colorado to the National Finals with the U15 Charge team, was a great experience. The level of soccer being played was impressive and playing with the mountains in the background was fantastic. Overall, seeing the development of players in the club, going to their games and watching them perform the techniques they have been taught in practice makes me smile. It’s always a memorable experience to see players improve.

How would you like to see the club evolve in the next 5 years and how does it get to the next level?

I would like to see the club grow in depth, by bringing in more teams and a high level coaching staff. We are certainly doing quite a few things right, hence the current growth! Youth is the key to longevity, so getting the younger programs started and having the Crush name becoming a household name is something that I would like to see. The next level, how do we measure that..I guess success is a form or measurement and sending a couple of teams to the National finals would be nice. I think having the players keep coming back is something we want to see--keeping a player in Crush from the age of 4-18  would be fantastic. I would like to build a club that players can see themselves playing for for 10 years or more.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not coaching soccer?

There is life outside soccer…ha ha! I like keeping active and I have an abundance of energy, so keeping myself engaged is very important. I will often take day trips to hike trials and try to swim when possible. I am currently getting out on the golf course as much as I can. Since my injuries, I've struggled to stay fit for soccer. I also like visiting new places, whether it’s a city or new town. I enjoy going into the city with my fiancé Laura and going out to dinner with friends. I have a passion for Manchester United, so I will
always watch them never tell me the score!