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Coaching Responsibilities


Liaison and Communicate with Parents - Of vital importance to our role as coach is how we interact with parents. All GSC coaches are expected to hold a meeting (the format of the meeting is flexible) with parents before the season to:

  • Emphasize club philosophy, team goals and areas of focus for the season
  • Describe expectations you have for parents and players
  • Explain the game and practice schedule and expectations
  • Solicit Additional Help

Additionally, coaches may wish to distribute pre-season written communiques to parents that enumerate philosophies, goals and expectations.

Organize Practice Times, Fields and Practice Sessions - 
GSC teams typically practice one time each week. Accordingly, it is important that coaches schedule practices and manage them efficiently. Typically, practices vary in length from 45 to 75 minutes depending on the weather and the age group. In order to fully leverage this time - and to ensure that the sessions are fun, stimulating and age-appropriate - coaches should plan in advance their practices. Key considerations include deciding which activities to include, field set-up, and activity transition. Additionally, first aid response and medical emergency procedures should be thought through before the practice starts.


Oversee Game Day Events and Activities - Our GSC players love to participate in games. As coaches, it is incumbent that our players, and their guardians, know the "when" and "where" in advance of all scheduled games. Coaches should ensure that players arrive on the designated field at least 10 minutes prior to the start of a scheduled game. Additionally, coaches should think through in advance their substitution patterns, ensuring that all children have an opportunity to play and be part of the action.

Keep Age Group Coordinators Informed - 
It is important that coaches communicate and relay information through their respective age group coordinator. Age group coordinators play an important role within the GSC. Coaches are encouraged to work with their respective age group coordinator when issues arise.

Solicit Additional Help - 
The GSC is staffed exclusively by volunteers. We recognize that our GSC coaches are the primary interface between the "club" and our parents and players. As such, our coaches serve as club ambassadors. Since we are always looking for additional volunteer help, we ask that coaches proactively communicate our need for volunteer help.

Focus and Be "In the Moment" with the Kids. The Players ALWAYS Come First - We are in service to the children; the children are not in service to us. It is important that coaches strive to always be there for the kids and to remember that the "players needs ALWAYS come first." We want to serve the children rather than compete through them

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