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Suspension Policy
For any on field incidents during course of a game resulting in yellow / red cards for players or coaches, suspensions are automatic and issued and upheld by the league.
Direct red cards for flagrant/dangerous play or fighting are automatic minimum 3 game suspensions possibly longer. 2 yellow cards within a game resulting in a red card is a suspension from the remainder of that game, and accumulation of 6 yellows within as season is a 1 game suspension.  In addition to suspensions, players/coaches maybe subject to additional lengthier suspensions, and even league expulsions for grave acts or repeat offenses. Suspensions beyond the automatic card suspensions have an appeals process coordinated by the governing soccer body of the particular league. 

For any non-card incidents involving violations of Zero tolerance policy or code of conduct in a game, practice, or any soccer club event setting - input regarding the details of the incident will be gathered from all affected parties. This includes referees, coaches, players, parents, and general spectators - those filing the complaint, those accused, and witnesses. The governing soccer board of directors will review the incident details and issue punishment(s) accordingly.  For travel league games (U10+), the governing soccer board is Midland Area Youth Soccer (MAYS) Board of Directors and for in-town games (U6/U8), it is the Grafton Soccer Club Board of Directors.  Nongame incidents (i.e., practices, etc.) will be reviewed by the Grafton Soccer Club Board of Directors. Multiple game or season long suspensions may be appealed, in which the respective board will provide independent appeals committee to hear and review the case. The appeals committee will either uphold or reduce the punishment.   1 game suspensions are automatic and NOT subject to appeal

Violations or disregard of any issued suspensions will escalate into longer punishments, including permanent expulsion from the league. 
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