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Zero Tolerance Policy:
Parents/spectators are not allowed to engage with referees, players, opposing coaches or opposing spectators at any time for any reason including “safety”.

Engaging includes but is not limited to
1) shouting out any criticism, questions, suggestions or negative comments during the game, and/or
2) directly communicating with referee, opposing players, opposing coaches or opposing spectators before, during or after the game, If parents have any issues or concerns, then they need to let their team coach know and let the coach manage the situation or concern.

If a parent/spectator engages directly with the referee, then the referee can stop the game requesting that the coach of the team deal with the parent(s)/spectator(s) including requesting that the parent(s)/spectator(s) be removed from the game facility . Failure to comply with the referee's request may result in game termination and possible forfeit. Any parent/spectator engaging directly with the referee, opposing players, opposing coaches or opposing spectators is subject to a suspension by the league and/or GSC BOD.

Positive encouragement and cheering for players on either team during the game is allowed and welcomed. Parents and spectators are expected to be role models of good sportsmanship at all times before, during, and after the game.
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