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How do I register my child for Mason District Little League?

MDLL accepts online registration at This link will be active while the registration for spring or fall season is open. Spring registration is typically open from early January through early March, the specific dates are set each year and may vary by level, so be sure to check the Registration page for current and specific dates.

Fall season registration is typically open from late July to mid-August.

The medical release form can be found here:


How do I know if my child resides with the MDLL boundaries?

Please check our boundary map located HERE or click HERE to use the League Finder page on the Little League website to confirm if you're address is within the MDLL boundary. If you live outside of MDLL boundaries, but your child attends a school that is within the MDLL boundaries he/she is eligible to play in MDLL with the completion of a School Enrollment Form found HERE. If you have any questions about which local Little League your child should register for please

contact [email protected].



What is the Little League Age?

Little League determines eligibility by league age. The league age is determined to be the age your child will be by August 31st of that calendar year.  To calculate the league age of any player please go to the league age calculator found




When does the Mason District Little League's baseball season begin?

SPRING – Major and AAA division team practices will start in March. The season will run from late March to early June. No games are held Easter weekend and Memorial Day weekend. See calendar for exact dates.


FALL – Major and AAA division team practices will start in late Aug, and games will start after Labor Day. AA, Single A, and T-ball teams will start about Sep 1 and continue through early November.

Games usually start the weekend after Labor Day. See calendar for exact dates.



Which division should I sign up for?

The league is divided into seven levels of play for baseball and softball, ensuring that children participate at a level commensurate with their age, maturity, and ability. For baseball, MDLL offers four divisions within the Minor League (Tee-ball, A, AA, and AAA) and a Majors Division We also offer an Intermediate Division level of play designed for 13-year old players on a larger (50/70) field as a transition from Little League to the standard, larger (60/90) high school and above level of play that are on larger (60/90) fields.


All teams, except for those at Majors and AAA, are disbanded at the end of each season and new teams are formed the following year. That said, the league tries to keep teams together from season-to-season and division-to-division within the Minors for the enjoyment of players and continuity of learning. This is, of course, dependent upon available Managers and Coaches, all of whom are volunteers, as well as the number of players within each division. Players who are candidates for AAA or Majors are required to participate in a skills assessment session that allows the Managers to place them into the level where they will be most successful. They will then be placed into a draft pool for assignment to a team. Please see our League Structure, Levels of Play, Draft Eligibility, and Player Assessment areas for more information.


How are teams selected?

Majors and AAA divisions: Teams are selected by player skills assessment and a draft selection. No player may request assignment to or selection by a particular team. Any players not selected by a major division team will then be assigned to a team during the AAA Division draft. Siblings within the same division will be assigned to the same team, unless otherwise requested. See Skills Assessment and Draft Eligibility for more information.


AA, A, and T-ball divisions: All players will be assigned to teams on a random basis, with the view of equalizing the number of players on each team. Team requests can be made, but no commitment is made that those requests will be honored. Efforts are made to put together players from the same school where possible. Siblings within the division will be assigned to the same team. See League Structure and Levels of Play for more information

When are games and practices?

All teams play games on Saturdays. AAA, AA, A and T-ball are typically in the mornings or early afternoon. Majors and AAA teams also play games during the week. There is typically only one weeknight game and the night varies depending on field availability. If games have been cancelled due to weather, we will try to schedule makeup games during the week as well. Weeknight games typically start at 6:15 pm.


Majors, AAA, and AA may have two practices a week depending on the game schedule. Single A and T-ball typically have only one weeknight practice. Please see our League Structure and Levels of Play for more information,


Often, Majors and AAA Teams also participate in Interleague play with Little Leagues from Falls Church, Herndon/Reston, or Annandale/North Springfield. These games can involve extra weeknights and travel to another league’s fields.


By Little League Rules, players in Majors and AAA must play a minimum number of games during the season in order to be eligible for selection for All Stars at the end of the season. Consequently, on very rare occasions, double-header may be scheduled on a Saturday in order to meet minimum play requirements.




Where are games and practices?

All practices are in and around the MDLL boundaries.

Games for T-ball, A and AA Divisions are in and around the MDLL boundaries. Typically, practices and games are played at the same field by division.


Majors and AAA games are typically at Pudge Rodriquez Field at Mason District Park or Parklawn Park.


PLEASE NOTE: Majors and AAA play some games against other area Little Leagues so occasional local travel is required.



How much time should I anticipate my player devoting to baseball each week?

The number of practices can vary depending on coaches and division; typically each team will play 2 games each week and practice 1-2 times per week at the AAA and Majors level. Lower levels will typically have 2 to 3 baseball games/practices per week.



Are tryouts mandatory?

In the Spring, ALL candidates for the Major and AAA divisions MUST attend a Player Assessment session. See Skills Assessment and Draft Eligibility for more information.


What equipment does my player need?

All players should have a glove. Players at the A level and above will need a protective cup. Baseball cleats are optional but encouraged. The league provides all other equipment. Players are welcome to provide their own bat, catcher’s equipment, etc., however all such equipment must be inspected by the Manager and must conform to Little League standards. Uniform jerseys are also provided for each

player in all divisions. Baseball pants are provided to T-ball and Single A players. All other divisions need to provide their own baseball pants; typically, gray.



My child wants to have his own bat, is there a list of approved Little League bats?

Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. Click HERE to find the latest bat information, including the current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists. Generally, all bats must conform to the USA Bat standard, complete with a USABat label.



Is there a Little League post season?

Yes. At the end of the Spring season, MDLL holds an intraleague tournament for the Majors and AAA Divisions to determine a Champion for each division. This short tournament is held in early June.


Also, at the end of the regular season, MDLL will select and announce their All Star teams. By the Little League Rules, MDLL will form up to three teams, one per age group (8-10, 9-11, and 10-12), to play in the District 4 Little League Tournament. The tournament begins at the end of June for the youngest age group, with the Majors (10-12) tournament typically starting during the first week of July Click here for more information about All-Star Selection and play.


How do I volunteer?

YES! Thank you for considering volunteering. Mason District Little League is an all-volunteer, non- profit organization. We are always looking for individuals who are willing to lend a hand. Please contact our [email protected] to get started. Volunteers who will have contact with children must complete the LLB volunteer application form found under the Documents menu and must undergo a basic background security check.

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Mason District Little League

4270 John Marr Dr. #592 
Annandale, Virginia 22003

Phone: 571-544-6355
Email: [email protected]
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