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Meet Our Coaching Staff

CDO Soccer Club takes great pride in educating local coaches and volunteers through in house initiatives, as well as the through regional and national licensing.

There is a big difference between a volunteer coach and a volunteer coach who engages in ongoing education, progresses their licensing and improves themselves as a coach to help our players improve.

This does not mean as parents you should expect a coach of 10 year olds to need an 'A' License to do so - we require volunteers to advance their licensing proportionately to the needs of the players. The USSF 'E' license for instance is suitable for coaches in ages 9-12, a USSF 'D' license for players aged 13-14 and so on, with their NCAA equivalents also taken into consideration.

In the past ten seasons we have licensed many coaches and assistants to a minimum of the NSCAA Advanced Regional Diploma level, and have coaches who have gone on to complete USSF and NSCAA residential courses.

Coach Highest Coaching Certification/Credentials Club Position
Steve Wallace NSCAA Master Coach Diploma Director of Coaching
Coach: CDO 00G Gold
Coach: CDO 98G Gold
Erik Wolf NSCAA Premier, USSF 'A' License (pending final assessment),
USSF 'B' License
Coach: CDO 01B Gold
Coach: CDO 99B Gold
Bubba Delgado NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
USYSA National Youth License
Director of Youth Player Development
Coach: CDO 02B Gold
Coach: CDO 01B Gold
Bill Bock NSCAA National Diploma Coach: CDO 97/98G Gold BB
Coach: CDO 03G Premier
Mike Kevershan USSF 'C' License (ongoing) Coach: CDO 02G Gold
Coach: CDO 01G Comets
Tim Johnson USSF 'C' License (pending 2014)
USYSA National Youth Licence
Coach: CDO 03B Gold
Coach: CDO 99/00B Blue
Daniel Cuadra Former Professional Player Head Goalkeeping Coach
Bob Kent USSF 'D' License   Coach: CDO 04B Player Pool
Chris Cruz   Coach: CDO 03B Blue
Mark Durfee USSF 'D' License Assistant Coach: CDO 99B Gold
Darren Evans USSF 'E' License Coach: CDO 97B Gold
Brian Koppy USSF 'E' License
NSCAA Advanced Regional Dipoma
Coach: CDO 99G Prospects
Rene Desmarais   Assistant Coach: CDO 99G Prospects 
Traci Lopez
USSF 'E' License Coach: CDO 01G Premier
Peter Tesluk
NSCAA Advanced Regional Diploma  Coach: CDO 01B Lightning
Gene Wowk USSF 'D' License Coach: CDO 04G Premier
Shelby Penrod NSCAA GK Diploma Levels I & II (Pending June 2014)  Assistant Goalkeeping Coach
Tim Pedersen USSF 'E' License Assistant Coach: CDO 97/98G Gold SW
Jason Coloma USSF 'E' License
Youth Module II
Coach: CDO 04G Player Pool
Andrew Gist  USSF 'E' License  Coach: CDO 04G Player Pool
Randy Lustenberger  USSF 'E' License Coach: CDO 04B Premier
Aaron Franco  USSF 'E' License Assistant Coach: CDO 04B Premier
Brian Morris USSF 'D' License (Pending May 2014) Coach: CDO 04B Blue
Joe Murphy  USSF 'D' License  Coach: CDO 05B Player Pool
Ryan Ayers    Coach: CDO 05B Player Pool 
Alex Parsons  NSCAA Advanced Regional Diploma  Coach: CDO 05B Player Pool 
Coach Highest Coaching Certification Club Position
Justin Smith  USSF 'E' License   
Nikki Reed   USSF 'E' License  
Christina Mendez   Youth Modules I & II  
Luis Saldana     
Dustin Wright   USSF 'E' License  
Kimberley Kevershan     
Jeff Brunet     

Registration Listing

2015-2016 CDO Tryout Signup

Tryout Registration allows players to sign up in any eligible age group.  

Signing up for tryouts does not cost anything but you will have to complete the checkout process for your order to make it into the system.   To fully complete your order select the method of "mail in check" and then click on the "Submit Order".  

Thank you for your interest in joining the CDO Soccer Club

CDO 00 Girls Gold (U15/U16)

Registration Dates: 03/30/2015 to 07/01/2015
Start and End Dates: 05/01/2015 to 07/01/2015

CDO 98 Girls Gold (U17/U18)

Registration Dates: 03/27/2015 to 07/01/2015
Start and End Dates: 03/27/2015 to 07/01/2015
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