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FAQs: What are my options for coaching - do I have to pay?

What are my options for coaching - do I have to pay?

Simply put, no. If a team has a volunteer coach and no desire for any sort of training assistance, that is fine.

It is the choice of each team as to how they choose to operate, with a licensed volunteer coach, a part time trainer, a full time trainer, or a full time professional coach. Please see the descriptions below for a better idea of each option and which is best for you.

(Teams returning numerous players may determine this option in advance, but you'll be given this information ahead of any tryout/player placement so you know everything up front.)

Volunteer Coach

The coach is typically a former CDO player or parent with a working knowledge of soccer, although in the younger age groups (U6-U9) we are willing to help enthusiastic volunteers keen to learn more about the game and how to be a positive coach.

The coach is able to contact our coaching director for advice at any time for help in planning training sessions, has access to free coaching clinics, an on line curriculum with over 350 soccer exercises/games, financial support in licensing requests, (on a first come, first served basis), and the coaching cost to the parents is

Part-Time Trainer

This is for teams and coaches who would like some input from our training/coaching staff, but would like a volunteer coach to run things on games days and at most training sessions.

Options include monthly, fortnightly, or weekly sessions with a coach/trainer of your choice, with the fee determined by the licensing/experience of that coach.

For instance, a fortnightly (every two weeks) session, with an 'A' License trainer would work out around $10-15 per player, per month. The cost is divided equally between the number of players in the squad, and is deducted from the team account.

Full Time Trainer

This is for teams who would like significant training help, with a licensed coach running team training sessions, and mentoring the coach to improve aspects of play in games.

The training fees are in addition to a fee (if any) charged by the team coach, and again are based upon the licensing/experience of the trainer. For example, a volunteer coach with a 'C' license full time trainer works out around $20-40 per player, per month, which covers the expense of all sessions, (2 x per week), conducted by the licensed trainer. The most you can expect to pay for this service with an 'A' license trainer is around $50 - $70 per player, per month.

This is an optional, not mandatory service offered by CDO Soccer Club.  These costs are cheaper than some clubs charge for lesser licensed/experienced trainers!

Full Time Professional Coach

This option is not restricted to high level competitive teams, it is available to any team that wants it, even at the recreational level.

All sessions and games are attended by an advanced licensed coach, who will be the coach of record on the team's listing and will attend games. This option is for teams looking to find experienced help in developing youth soccer players, with pre-planned coaching practices, regular feedback to players and in-game coaching, following up on topics covered during previous training sessions.

Cost is determined based upon the licensing/experience of the coach, and volunteer assistants are welcomed, since they will be mentored for free as part of this service.

For example, a professionally coached team, (and this can be of any ability, it does not need to be a "competitive" team), with a squad of 16-18 players can expect to pay around $75 per player, per month for an 'A' licensed full time coach, with access to three training sessions per week. This figure may rise slightly with a smaller squad, but is capped at $90 per month.

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