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How do I sign up for tryouts/player placements?

U9 and above players for next season...

1. Parents login to their CDO account, (top right corner of the homepage at If a parent joined mid-season and does not have an account yet, they should click "register", also in the top right corner to create an account.


  • Fill out the "new customer primary contact" section on the home page, next to the returning customer login.
  • Complete the "primary contact information"
  • Add a new participant (i.e. your son or daughter, not you!), the info you already gave is already filled out on this form.
  • If you need to add another son or daughter, click "add another participant" at the bottom of the screen, otherwise click on "next".

Now your son or daughter is on our club database, proceed to step 2 below to register them for tryouts.


2. Once in your account, click on "available programs". If you have more than one son or daughter in the club, it lists options separately for each. Check the box next to the 2013-14 Season CDO Soccer Club U9 & Up option, making sure you check the age group you're signing up for is correct (this is listed under the details column - often a couple of age groups are listed), then click next.

3. These items will show up in your "shopping cart". If everything looks correct, click "next".

4. Additional Participant Info will now be requested, (basically, emergency contact info for the tryout, and details you can give to our coaches if your child has asthma for example so we are aware of it. If there are no medical issues, just type none or n/a), then click "next)

(Anytime you need to correct anything, just click "back" and make any amendments.)

5. You'll be asked if you'd like to volunteer - this is for roles such as team manager/assistant coach etc. When you check the box for the 2013-14 season, a list of roles appear to choose from - as always, they are subject to approval by CDO Soccer and a successful background check. Click "next" to proceed.

6. This takes you to the "Checkout" with a registration summary of which tryouts you've registered your son or daughter for. It will show a zero balance (some clubs charge for tryouts, we don't!)

(If you'd like to make a donation to CDO Soccer Club, you'll be able to do so at this point...all donations are very much appreciated and help us fund things like the coach education and equipment budgets for example.) If not, just click the "I do not wish to contribute at this time" button. You only need to fill out your credit card details/billing address if you're making a donation, otherwise you don't need to fill any of that information out.

7. Click on "submit order" at the bottom of the screen, and a "payment confirmation" pop up appears, showing you'll not be charged anything (or the amount of your donation if you chose to make one).

8. Click "complete payment".

DONE! You'll see a message with information on what your son or daughter needs to bring. Tryout times/dates are to be set in the next couple of weeks, see keep an eye on our website at


 Registration Status for 2013-2014 Season - Friday, June 28, 2013

Below is the current registration status for the club. Please contact the appropriate coach or trainer for further information.

Team Age Group Reg. Fee DoB Range Team/Group Status Training/Coaching Cost (if any) Point of contact
(Team coach or manager)
CDO 03 Boys Age Group $135 8/1/02 - 7/31/03  Age Group has 1 open position Professional training fee - $35 per month Coach: Tim Johnson
CDO 02G Gold $165 8/1/01 - 7/31/00 Team has 2 open positions Professional Training Fee - $60 monthly Coach: Mike Kevershan (
Manager -  TBC
CDO 01G Comets $165 8/1/00 - 7/31/01  Team has 3-4 open positions Professional Training Fee - $60 monthly Coach: Mike Kevershan (
Team Manager: TBC

CDO 00G Gold


8/1/99 - 7/31/00 

Team has 2 open positions

Contact team manager for information

Coach: Steve Wallace (520) 505-8008    

Team Manager: Sarah Johnson (520) 360-5424
CDO 00G Blue $165 8/1/99 - 7/31/00  Waiting List None Coach: Joel Hauff - (520) 275-0207
Team Manager: Sarah Payne - (520) 203-2656
CDO 99B $165 8/1/98 - 7/31/99  Waiting List Contact team manager for information Team Manager: Brith Jolivet (
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