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Do you have any parent testimonials?

Yes, these come from all types of team within our club, as well as some from parents who have since moved out of Tucson. (In accordance with child protection practices, full names are not used on this website, although first names or initials may be used with parental permission.)

"As parents, we believe the CDO Soccer Club has contributed immensely to the maturity, discipline and strength our daughter has shown over the past several years. We feel this is due to the Club's coaches and families that we participated with. The coaches at CDO truly respect the game of soccer and promote team work, sportsmanship, playing hard to achieve success and discipline to support the team they play on. My wife and I have often commented that the coaches at CDO seem to be the only coaches we've observed that teach strategy over aggression, fast-paced play and discipline over physicality and team work over individual stars. We could not have chosen a better club for our daughter to play with. When strategies, teamwork and discipline was achieved by our daughter's team this led to more games won and tournament victories than we can remember, but more importantly this led to camaraderie on and off the field, lasting friendships for our daughter and us as parents and a true appreciation for how the game of soccer should and could be played and what a soccer club could be."

- JC & SC, Oro Valley

“Our kids have been playing on CDO club soccer teams for the last five years and we continue to do so based on the positive and excellent coaching that our kids have received. We currently have three children on CDO soccer teams and will be adding a fourth this next year, their ages ranging from 9 to 15. We have seen our kids who are at all different levels and skills improve their confidence and soccer skills to a much higher lever then I think they would have done somewhere else. We appreciate the flexibility that CDO soccer club offers as far as different levels of teams that are available based on skill and family commitment.

Our kids have participated in the various soccer camps that are offered every summer and throughout the year and have loved them. We truly feel fortunate to have the CDO soccer club in our community and feel that our kids have truly benefited from the coaching they have received. Our kids would not go anywhere else.”

– RB, Oro Valley

“I felt my daughter really improved and had an excellent experience at CDO soccer. She had high quality coaches who not only know the game but know how to instruct and motivate a group of young girls. This league required a longer drive for us and more carpool organization, but it was worth it and we plan to be part of it next year for sure. I was very happy with our experience at CDO.”

– ST, Tucson

“I have had the privilege of watching Steve Wallace coach four of our children in soccer. He takes a big picture approach, emphasizing the importance of having a sound game fundamentally...including technical skill, physical conditioning and strategic thinking. The focus is on continuous player and team development not short sighted "tricks" that may earn a "Win" while sacrificing long term objectives. Instruction is quietly offered in a consistent, positive manner and there are no player "favorites". He engages each individual in the intellectual aspects of the game, asking them to think strategically instead of barking directions from the sideline. It is clear that he personally loves the game of soccer and has high expectations for the game to be played "properly" with skill, sportsmanship and integrity.

To him, a poorly played "Win" is of less value in developing a quality soccer club than a well played "Loss". It's all about the big picture.”

– KB, Tustin, CA

“CDO Soccer Club has offered a great experience for our daughter. Megan started in AYSO soccer and after two years progressed to join a CDO club team. Megan has been gifted with excellent coaches who have helped her develop as both a technical and tactical soccer player. Her coaches have also been excellent roles models over the years both on and off the field of soccer. Megan's team has traveled to tournaments in Nevada, California and Arizona, which has given her and her teammates a chance to test their skills against some of the top talent in the United States. We as parents have also enjoyed the friendships we have made with other parents of CDO Soccer Club.”

– PB & LB, Tucson

“When we moved to Tucson a year ago I was concerned that my daughter would not find a soccer club that would help her grow and develop her skills. We came from a club atmosphere in which developing skills and playing good soccer were the focus. I was so pleased to learn about CDO Soccer Club! CDO had the same philosophy and caliber of training and coaching that we were familiar with. I am so pleased to see the great progress my daughter has made with her CDO club team. The most important thing....she is very happy and still loves soccer. Thank you CDO!”

– VP, Oro Valley

“I tell people the one thing we miss most is Marley's soccer team. When we moved to Oro Valley we didn't know anyone. When Marley joined the team, the girls, coach and parents made us feel very welcome. The girls all made Marley feel like she was part of the team right from the start. I loved this soccer team for the way the coach made all of the girls feel like they were important, and they were there to have fun and learn. Too many coaches put too much emphasis on winning and not enough on team spirit, learning the game and being a good sport, all of which was a huge part of CDO. If there was one thing we could bring back from Arizona it would be you guys!”

– JE, Kansas City, MO

“I'd like to say that my daughter LOVES playing soccer at CDO. She has been on pretty much the same team for the past 3 years and enjoys going to practices and games. She is even motivated to get up early on the weekends, which says a lot for her. Only soccer will get this girl out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday....

The girls on her team have become really close friends, who are positive and encouraging towards each other. They truly have a great time playing together.”

– SR, Tucson

“My son joined CDO soccer without having a rich background in the sport. He made great progress with his coach and felt like he was part of the team even though he wasn't one of the star players. He was still rotated into the games like any other player. That meant a lot to him! The season was a very positive experience and he is looking forward to next season with CDO soccer.”

– TK, Oro Valley

“Anna always had a positive experience with CDO and coaches she has played for, no matter the score of the game she has always felt like a winner.”

– RM & SM, Indianapolis, IN

“My daughter has been playing at CDO for four years. I am very pleased with the quality of coaching she has received. Every team member gets plenty of playing time, and there is a strong emphasis on the individual player's skill development. My daughter has made good friends from several schools on her team, and she always looks forward to practices and games. I am very happy that at 16 she's looking forward to another season of soccer Playing for CDO has been a positive influence in her life.”

– BL, Tucson

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