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What does my registration fee cover?

CD Registration fees cover a variety of expenses that are incurred during the year - it is an annual fee, not a seasonal fee. These costs are similar across most clubs and associations in Tucson and Oro Valley, so here is a breakdown of the things your registration fee pays for:

State registration - The cost of registering players with the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA), which includes player insurance.

PCJSL registration - The cost of registering players with the Pima County Junior Soccer League (PCJSL), the place where the majority of CDO teams will play their league soccer.

Referee fees for the approximately 10-15 league games most teams will play over the course of the year.

Field set -up fees for league games - the cost of having someone go and set up the nets and corner flags at PCJSL games throughout Tucson.

Floodlight and facility fees for training and games at Riverfront Park - Oro Valley charges us for the use of the fields and the lights.
Club administration - for expenses such as office supplies, website, day to day expenses incurred by the club.

Coach education budget - to help improve the quality of coaching, CDO allocates a budget for education to allow both professional and volunteer coaches to take part in licensing and further education courses.
Equipment budget - to provide training materials and supplies to our coaches, such as cones, pinnies, speed ladders and other miscellaneous equipment.

CDO soccer club is a non profit organization (501 (c)(3)) under the Pima county Soccer League.


 Registration Status for 2013-2014 Season - Friday, June 28, 2013

Below is the current registration status for the club. Please contact the appropriate coach or trainer for further information.

Team Age Group Reg. Fee DoB Range Team/Group Status Training/Coaching Cost (if any) Point of contact
(Team coach or manager)
CDO 03 Boys Age Group $135 8/1/02 - 7/31/03  Age Group has 1 open position Professional training fee - $35 per month Coach: Tim Johnson
CDO 02G Gold $165 8/1/01 - 7/31/00 Team has 2 open positions Professional Training Fee - $60 monthly Coach: Mike Kevershan (
Manager -  TBC
CDO 01G Comets $165 8/1/00 - 7/31/01  Team has 3-4 open positions Professional Training Fee - $60 monthly Coach: Mike Kevershan (
Team Manager: TBC

CDO 00G Gold


8/1/99 - 7/31/00 

Team has 2 open positions

Contact team manager for information

Coach: Steve Wallace (520) 505-8008    

Team Manager: Sarah Johnson (520) 360-5424
CDO 00G Blue $165 8/1/99 - 7/31/00  Waiting List None Coach: Joel Hauff - (520) 275-0207
Team Manager: Sarah Payne - (520) 203-2656
CDO 99B $165 8/1/98 - 7/31/99  Waiting List Contact team manager for information Team Manager: Brith Jolivet (
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