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FAQS: How do team fees work with professional coaching/training?

How do team fees work with professional coaching/training?

The first thing to point out is that numerous CDO teams choose not to have professional training or coaching, and this is perfectly acceptable! In these instances, beyond annual registration, optional tournament fees and uniforms there are no other costs.

For those teams that have part/full time training or coaching, each team operates slightly differently, although many principles remain the same. The monthly costs are determined by the individual coaches who are independent contractors to the club, but what they can request is based upon club guidelines to make sure that unlicensed or less experienced coaches cannot overcharge for their services - if you are paying more than you are used to, that is because you are getting a licensed, experienced coach. There's a great chance you're paying less than at other clubs offering similar services.

Typically, those without licensing or any certification below a USSF 'C' (or NSCAA National Diploma), will not be allowed to charge any fee for coaching unless they have at least 5-10 years of coaching/high level playing experience (at the discretion of the Director of Coaching and Board of Directors). This also goes for certifications that are more than ten years old if there is no evidence of ongoing education.
Professional coaches are in effect salaried by the monthly fees, so it is important that all monies are collected by the team manager 7 days prior to the end of the month, to cover the following month of dues. 

In the event of game or practice cancellations due to inclement weather, scheduled holidays etc, no adjustment can be made to the fee, but all coaches are expected to make an effort to conduct a session of some description. (This could be an indoor practice, a player social or a game observation for instance.)

CDO teams may choose to add a paid assistant or add a monthly stipend to offset tournament and other miscellaneous expenses, but these are both completely optional and determined by each team.

Teams with families requiring financial aid, (no ability based scholarships are allowed), can agree to offset the costs of individual players. For example, if a squad of sixteen players have two players requiring partial or full financial support, the other fourteen players can agree to pay the monthly installment on behalf of those players. These arrangements are made by individual teams and overseen by the team manager.

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