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FAQS: What types of teams are offered at CDO?

What types of teams are offered at CDO?

CDO is a soccer club with something for everyone - this means that we aim to improve the soccer ability and knowledge of every player we come into contact with.

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There are several types of team/group: Youth/Player Pool, Club, Premier and Gold.

Youth: These 'player pools' are for kids aged U5 - U8 and train twice a week. The emphasis is on enjoying the game, basic individual skill and movement development, and learning how the basics of the game are played. Scores are not kept in these games, and players are set individual and group challenges to see how well skills learned in training can be applied in games, which are played both in house and sometimes against youth players from other clubs to provide variety in competition.

Player Pools: In the U9-U10 age groups, (potentially expanding to U11 and maybe U12 in 2014-15), we have 'player pools'. The player pools train at the same time, split into training groups. In the local county league (PCJSL), CDO will have teams entered, although any player from the player pool can represent any team at any time! This is done so the focus is on the development of each player and what is best for them at that time, rather than simply trying to have a "winning" team at an age where the result of a game is not the main focus, the improvement of the player is.

Premier/Blue or White: Once players reach U12, our club teams begin rather than player pools. For teams with players who have regionally or up to intermediate license coaches, (such as the USSF C license) we use the Premier name. This means that it is is the top team in that age group, and is seeking to compete at the highest level possible to best develop the abilities of the players. Teams that are CDO Blue or CDO White are the second team in that age group, with players seeking to advance to the Premier or Gold teams.

Gold: These teams are the top teams in our program, with advanced level coaching or training from coaches with a mimimum of a USSF 'B' license (or NSCAA Advanced National Diploma) or higher. They typically play in the top flight of the County league or in State League I or II.


 Registration Status for 2013-2014 Season - Friday, June 28, 2013

Below is the current registration status for the club. Please contact the appropriate coach or trainer for further information.

Team Age Group Reg. Fee DoB Range Team/Group Status Training/Coaching Cost (if any) Point of contact
(Team coach or manager)
CDO 03 Boys Age Group $135 8/1/02 - 7/31/03  Age Group has 1 open position Professional training fee - $35 per month Coach: Tim Johnson
CDO 02G Gold $165 8/1/01 - 7/31/00 Team has 2 open positions Professional Training Fee - $60 monthly Coach: Mike Kevershan (
Manager -  TBC
CDO 01G Comets $165 8/1/00 - 7/31/01  Team has 3-4 open positions Professional Training Fee - $60 monthly Coach: Mike Kevershan (
Team Manager: TBC

CDO 00G Gold


8/1/99 - 7/31/00 

Team has 2 open positions

Contact team manager for information

Coach: Steve Wallace (520) 505-8008    

Team Manager: Sarah Johnson (520) 360-5424
CDO 00G Blue $165 8/1/99 - 7/31/00  Waiting List None Coach: Joel Hauff - (520) 275-0207
Team Manager: Sarah Payne - (520) 203-2656
CDO 99B $165 8/1/98 - 7/31/99  Waiting List Contact team manager for information Team Manager: Brith Jolivet (
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