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FAQS: What types of teams are offered at CDO?

What types of teams are offered at CDO?

CDO is a soccer club with something for everyone - this means that we aim to improve the soccer ability and knowledge of every player we come into contact with.

There are several types of teams/groups:  Player Development Pathway, Club, Premier/Gold.

Player Development Pathway for kids aged U5-U8:  These age groups train twice a week. The emphasis is on enjoying the game, basic individual skills and movement development, and learning how the basics of the game are played. Scores are not kept in these games, and players are set individual and group challenges to see how well skills learned in training can be applied in games, which are played both in house and sometimes against youth players from other clubs to provide variety in competition.

Player Development Pathway for kids aged U9-U10:  In the U9-U10 age groups, we have 'player pools'. The player pools train at the same time, split into training groups. In the local county league (PCJSL), CDO will have teams entered, although any player from the player pool can represent any team at any time! This is done so the focus is on the development of each player and what is best for them at that time, rather than simply trying to have a "winning" team at an age where the result of a game is not the main focus, the improvement of the player is. It is a new concept for some, but something the US Soccer Federation wants all clubs to do - we were ahead of the curve in 2013-14, now other clubs in the state are also seeing the benefits of this format.

Premier/Blue or White: Once players reach the U11 age group, our club teams begin rather than player pools. Our teams still have opportunities to interact, as we're a club, not a collection of individual teams. For teams with players who have USSF or NSCAA license coaches up to and including the USSF 'C' license or NSCAA National Diploma, we use the 'Premier' name. This means that it is is the top team in that age group, and is seeking to compete at the highest level possible to best develop the abilities of the players.

Club teams that are CDO Blue/CDO White are the second/third team in that age group - they still have access to advanced coaching or training, (sometimes without having the Gold designation outlined below in the event the top team in an age group is coached by someone holding the USSF 'C' license or below), or can be coached by a licensed volunteer. Some of these teams are tryout based, others are open registration, it varies from team to team.

Gold: These teams are the top teams in our program and require annual tryouts/ongoing assessment in season for all players, with advanced level coaching or training from coaches/trainers with a minimum of the USSF 'B' license (or NSCAA Advanced National Diploma) or higher. They typically play in the top flight of the County league or in State League I or II.

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