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At CDO Soccer Club, we define a professional trainer or coach as someone who has multiple years of coaching experience, a commitment to self improvement, education and personal development, as well as advanced licensing through national and international soccer associations (such as USSF & English FA) and coaching organizations (such as NSCAA).

At the same time, we continue to try and develop coaches within the community to try and reduce the costs involved in playing youth sports.
That's why when you pay for a professional coach or trainer, you pay a fair price and get value for money. Much goes on behind the scenes as well as at training sessions during the week, so the coach has less direct involvement on the weekends when compared to other sports! We are there to help guide players, not "remote control" them to be 'soccer robots' who cannot think for themselves!

Soccer is not like other sports (such as basketball & football) that are very coach dependent and coach driven during games. Much as there are a limited number of "set plays" in the sport, soccer is a spontaneous game and requires players to be independent of thought, creative and be capable of making their own decisions through experimentation over years and years, with the ability to make mistakes without fear to assist in that learning process.

Here is what you can expect from a professional coach at CDO Soccer Club.

- Planning and preparation: pro coaches plan training sessions in advance, often in cycles of 3-6 weeks, working on aspects of the sport they feel individuals, groups and teams as a whole can benefit from.

- Pro coaches constantly evaluate both the needs of individuals and team in training and at games, teaching from a pro curriculum of activities in our online database, as well as the knowledge base of each coach.

- The promotion of positive behaviors and our playing principles as a club.

- Occasional homework (the kids get enough in school, so we only give so much) to work on a particular aspect of their play or to develop a stronger comfort level on the ball.

- Feedback through self assessment by players, reviewed with suggestions by the coach

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