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Fall Registration Information

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Financial assistance may be available (just ask!).

Contacts for registration questions:

FALL 2022 TRAVEL SOCCER (2008 - 2014 Birth Year)

Registration Deadline:  Late fee applies after June 12. Late registrations are not guaranteed a spot on a travel team.  See below for more details.

Cost of Registration: $170. Late Fee: $30 after June 12. All players must prepay prior to Evalualtions.

Includes a uniform kit for new players. Ordering information and instructions will be sent separately.

What to expect: The season includes practices twice per week and one to two games against other towns on weekends.

When: End of August through mid November.

Mandatory Evaluations

All Players must attend the Evaluation Sessions

When: Tuesday, June 14

Birth Year 2014 – U09: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Birth Year 2013 – U10: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Birth Year 2012 – U11: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Birth Year 2011 – U12: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Birth Year 2010 – U13: 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Birth Year 2009 – U14: 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Where: Portland Recreational Complex, Route 17 (Gospel Lane) in Portland

How it works: All players participating should wear cleats, shin guards, and bring a water bottle and an appropriately sized ball. The wearing of any PSC uniform by players is prohibited. Each session will last one hour. Note the start times vary by birth year. Evaluations are used as a tool to form teams. Refunds will be issued if player is not placed on a team.

Potential Makeup Session: Wednesday, June 15. Please notify a club representative if you cannot make the June 14 session.

Chad Wilson - President – [email protected] or (205-999-8842)
Chris Donahue- Vice President -  [email protected] or (860-638-7400)
Stephanie Bolstridge - Registrar - [email protected] or (860-478-9693)


All skill levels welcome

Registration Deadline: 
TBD.  Late registrations are not guaranteed a spot on a team.  See below for more details.

Division Information (Birth Year Determines Division):
Pre-K (2018 - 2019): $60, Saturdays 8:45 - 9:30 AM.  Includes jersey and ball.
Dribblers (2017): $75, Saturdays 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM.  Uniform provided.
Kickers (2014 - 2016): $75, Saturdays 10:00 - 11:00 AM, Wednesday practice (time TBD). Uniform provided.

When: TBD 

Where: New Park (Portland Recreational Complex on Route 17) link

Coach Vagell: A popular part of Rec Soccer, each Rec division will participate in a weekly soccer-toon style training session that teaches fundamental foot skills from a well-renowned coach in our area. 

All players should wear cleats, shin guards covered by long socks, and bring a water bottle and soccer ball to every session.



We ask that you please register by the posted registration close date.  Late registrants are not guaranteed a spot in our program.  There are several reasons why registration closes in advance of the season start date, including:

1. The PSC Board considers player evaluations and registration numbers to create teams that will compete in league play.  These teams need to be registered in time for league play or we will be unable to participate, significantly impacting schedules for the season.  

2.  All players at the competitive level need to have player cards issued by CJSA.  The club Registrar needs to have enough time to do all administrative work necessary to have these player cards done before the season starts.

3.  Ample lead time between team formation and game play is also necessary for ordering equipment such as uniforms.  

4.  Allowing players to register after teams are formed can lead to teams that are too large.  In these situations, playing time is impacted for players that registered on time

5.  Allowing players to register after teams are formed and entered into league play may lead to teams that are no Longer fit to compete in the particular division that they were signed up for (due to the ability level of late registrants).

6.  Allowing players to register late could impact/delay uniform orders.



Can you describe Travel Soccer for me?

Travel is for age-based teams by birth year and gender: girls teams and boys teams for each birth year. Teams are formed based on birthdate in a given year, between Jan 1 to Dec 31. It is a competitive level of play. Teams travel to other towns and compete in league play. Practice twice weekly. Matches are played on weekends, sometimes Saturdays and Sundays. Generally roughly half the matches will be home in Portland, and half away. Most away matches are in neighboring towns like Glastonbury or East Hampton. Once or twice a season you might drive more than half an hour for an away game, but this won’t be a common occurrence. Many teams participate in one tournament in the area during the season, too (coach’s decision). 

Options for U9 players

If you feel your player prefers another year of Rec, we do allow players that age to play Rec for another year. In most cases it would be the last year of Rec eligibility before they'd be required to play Travel the following year. That being said, we recommend upcoming Travel players sign up for Travel by Friday and attend the evals session on Sunday. These coaches are experienced and can evaluate all players skills and readiness. Parents can ask club representatives further questions. The coaches can help parents determine their players' readiness for competitive levels of play. If a player ends up not playing Travel there would be a full refund if desired. Our travel coaches, even for U9 teams, have done a terrific job through the years making sure all activities and messages are tailored to the age-appropriateness of the players. The young U9 players will have a ton of fun!

What if my child is in a lower school grade than others of the same age?

The travel teams are formed based on birth year independently of school grade. So all kids born in 2013 would play U9 in the Fall. There have been other similar kids in our program who played in the age-based team, who were also in a lower grade than the other players. Things have worked out well. For example there are half a dozen 2009 boys that are in a lower grade than the other 2009 boys, but those players have continued to be successful in our program over the years.

Will there be a team for my age group?

Teams will be determined after evaluations are completed by all players. The goal is to have age-based teams by gender, but it's difficult to know exactly each team's situation until we see who signs up. I'd suggest signing your player up, and recruiting their friends to sign up. After team formation the club assigns a coach to the team. Typically it's a volunteer parent (in most cases). 

What if there aren’t enough players to field a team?

Refunds are possible if there aren't enough players for a team. Another option is always to combine two age groups, say 2010 with 2009 for example. This is rare for the younger teams, but sometimes happens to some of the older teams.

Options for Middle School Players

If your son or daughter plans to play middle school soccer in the fall, they will expect to practice with the Middle School during the week, playing a short game of two 10-minute halves from time to time. No games on weekend. If you want more full-game experiences, sign up for the Portland Soccer Club and play against opponents in full-time games on the weekends. The Portland Soccer Club coaches are often flexible with middle school players, so if you are interested feel free to sign up and get your player some extra game action on weekends!

Are evals mandatory? 

The evals will be mandatory for Travel players. They are used to understand where the players are, so that we can form teams with the players' skills and development in mind. (Nevertheless in most cases older players are usually not allowed to play on younger teams)  It is very rare for us not to accept a player to a team, especially when numbers are low and the player works hard. 

Winter Soccer and Futsal

Portland Soccer Winter Experience: From Jan 15 to Mar 13 (9 weeks). 

Registration closed on Friday, Jan 7, 2022. 

Thank you, and we look forward to a great Winter!

The Portland Soccer Club is excited to offer an indoor winter experience!  Sign up today: click Login in the top right of the page and visit your account page to sign up.

Registration Opens: Friday, Nov, 12, 2021

Last Day to Register: Friday, Jan 7, 2022. 

Players will have a blast as they continue to develop dribbling, passing, and shooting skills in an electric indoor environment. The touches are faster and the games are higher scoring. Best of all, the kids get to stay in shape over the long winter months!

Two programs are offered, based on age:

1. Rec Dribblers and Kickers (birth year 2013-2016)


One hour each week of Futsal on Saturday (Gildersleeve) 

Saturdays starting 12pm or 1pm

2. Travel and Travel Lite (birth year 2008-2013)


At least one hour each week of Futsal on Saturday (Gildersleeve), or Indoor on Sunday (Oakwood), or both in some weeks.

Saturdays starting at 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm

Sundays starting at 4pm or 5pm


Futsal Saturdays: Gildersleeve gym in Portland. Futsal is fully recognized and sanctioned by US Youth Soccer, and promoted by CJSA, our parent organization. Futsal is played in a gymnasium with dedicated goals and a heavier ball.

 Indoor Soccer Sundays: Oakwood indoor soccer field #3 in Glastonbury. The Oakwood field is larger than a basketball court: carpeted floor with hockey walls. A normal soccer ball is used.

Other info:

Volunteer coaches will alternate duties depending on availability. We will attempt to group players each week based on age. We can attempt to work around basketball or other conflicts. The club also plans to offer a few special training sessions for Travel players, e.g GK training and drop-in pickup soccer . 


Protocols will be followed according to the  CT Dept of Health (link), the CDC, any town requirements, or that of our parent organization the CJSA. We will continue to monitor and will communicate final protocols before the season begins. 


Rec players enjoy the same benefits as in the past, staying active each week, but now for 9 weeks instead of 7. Interested Travel players will get significantly more gym time and field time than in years past. 

 A more detailed weekly plan for the players will depend on final registration numbers.

 Sign up now and get ready for an exciting Portland Soccer Winter Experience!

 If you have any questions, contact us!

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