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Drop In

Memorial Day Drop In and Play

Mon, May 29 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Where: At the Portland Recreational Complex

All Currently Enrolled Players Prepare to have some fun! Players are invited to play free, fun, live games with other players in the club. What better way to stay in shape and train than to play! I encourage all players to take advantage of this: get off the video games, get outside, exercise, hone skills, and have some fun at our new beautiful park.

Parents: Parents can feel free to stay and watch.

Coaches: A few PSC coaches will be available for assistance in finding fields or discussions with parents or players. But this is more about the players playing and having fun with Silent Sidelines. Silent Sidelines means no coaching or telling players what to do during the games (unless they ask of course).

Everyone: Try your hand at a long distance shooting challenge!

Rec Plan

Rec Players: Wear your uniform, bring your ball and a water bottle. Activities depend on how many kids show up.

Travel Plan

4 v 4 Tournament - Games are 10 minutes each. Each player plays up to 8 games. See further below for rules of the games

Travel Players
: Wear Red

Why Small-Sided Games?

Why small games?

* Plenty of individual possession, ball control, and touches on the ball
* Trying new skills without the fear of failure or an adult criticizing the decision
* Taking players on and challenging defender
* A creative and fun atmosphere

The field is smaller and there are fewer players sharing the ball, so it results in more action than a traditional game on a bigger field and more players. 
The following is from a Manchester United 4v4 Pilot Analysis of small games (4v4 versus large games 11v11)

* 135% more passes
* 260% more scoring attempts
* 500% more goals scored
* 225% more 1v1s
* 280% more dribbling skills and tricks 

Small Sided Games Used in Past Drop Ins

Game Field 1: Ssshh!

  • First 5 minutes: Standard 4v4 (or 5v5) with smaller field and Pugg goals.
  • Second 5 minutes: Ssshh! Players cannot talk. 
  • It will teach players the importance and variety of communication methods. Players will often learn to gesture, and look at teammates during play. 

Game Field 2: One-Nil

  • Similar 4v4 field as the field used in game 1.
  • If the score is tied, either team can score.
  • If team A goes up a goal, they can no longer score. Any further goal by team A is disallowed and results in a goal kick. If team B scores to tie it up then either team can score
  • The strategy, then, if you get the lead, must be to withhold possession. 


Game Field 3: Back to Back

  • The goals are placed back to back in the middle of the field. One team defends one goal, the other team, the other.
  • At least one player from each team must be on each half of the field.
  • You can't kick the ball over the goals into the other half
  • Many teams learn that passing and spacing is the winning strategy


Game Field 4: BOFTB

  • Building Out From The Back is the name of the game and combines GK training with field player training. 
  • One team with a GK defends a big goal, shooting on two small pugg goals defended by the other team with no GK.
  • If ball goes out of play: the GK puts all balls into play by hand or goal kick regardless of the reason or location where a ball went out of play.
  • Switch sides after 5 mins. 

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