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Winter Futsal

For: Older Rec players and Travel players

Older Rec (and now Travel in 2019!) players can sign up to play an exciting version of Indoor soccer on the basketball court of Gildersleeve. More here.

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What is Futsal?

What is Futsal?
Futsal is a highly effective game for developing technical soccer skills, comfort with the ball, quick movements and short passing, with maximum amount of touches per game (significantly more than conventional indoor soccer). Futsal, popular worldwide, is actively being promoted by US Soccer for skills development and it's gaining in popularity and followers.

How is it played?
Futsal is played 5v5 with a smaller, low bounce ball and quick restarts. The low bounce ball is easier to control and pass/receive in tight spaces, keeping it on the ground and in play longer. Quick restarts keep the actions going, and make for a high pace exciting game. It encourages problem solving and creativity from the players.

Fun and friendly atmosphere. It's a developmental league. Futsal games are used as a training tool to improve and involve all players. More emphasis on development and fun, less on winning, but the games are competitive.

Why Futsal?
Futsal is an excellent way to train. The speed, skill, and mental training would be fun and valuable.

  • The game demands fast thinking, quick reflexes, and accurate passing.
  • Futsal uses a smaller, heavier ball, and the game is played on a basketball court so the ball travels much faster and stays close to the floor.
  • Some of the world's best players learned their foot skills playing Futsal (Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar).
  • More touch on the ball for each player, more shooting, and more goals. Players move around during the game, so every player is fully involved at all times

Futsal is more technical and less aggressive. Therefore we have more flexibility to mix age groups and genders.

All players benefit and grow, regardless of current skill level.

Futsal 2019

The Kickers have been battling full speed, and this week we installed goalies for the first time!


The Travel session alone has over 20 players, so 3 teams have been playing King of the Hill ... the team that scores stays on the court.


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