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Meet – Stack Gloves in a Pile – Talk about what you will do at practice today.

      5 Minutes - WARM UP EXERCISES
  • Have each player run around the bases. Other players cheer runner by name.
  • Coach starts each player 5 secs apart running around bases, and players try to pass each other.
  • Make two lines at home and have pairs of kids race through first base.
    NOTE: Have them swing a fake bat (e.g., their glove), take a step, then drop it in a bucket on their way to 1st.
  • Any other exercises or stretches you like

     15 Minutes - THROWING

    Explain and emphasize proper technique all season long:

    • Grip ball with two (or three) fingers, thumb underneath with space between hand.
    • Emphasize that fingers must always be on top of the ball.
    • Demonstrate arm circle: down, around and up into an L-shape with hand above head.
    • Line up toes, knees, shoulders, and hands with target (8-eyes to target).
    • Turn feet, hips and throw.

    One-knee Throwing: Line players along 1st base line and throw to coaches (or a bucket placed toward Short stop)

    • Players start with glove knee up and throwing knee on ground and both feet lined up to target.
    • Players drag ball on ground from front knee around and up to make an L-shape arm position.
    • Hips and shoulders turn so elbows align with target.
    • Turn hips and shoulders and throw

    Footwork Drill:

    • Align players in wide circle, facing coach.
    • Coach turns and points to a player.
    • Player hops into throwing position with toes, knees, shoulders, and hands aligned with coach.
    • Advanced:Coach flips balls to players who catch, hop to position, and throw back.

    Throw to Target

    • With players in line, coach places ball on ground.
    • Player runs up, picks up ball and hops into throwing position.
    • On coach's signal, player steps glove leg toward target (e.g., bucket or coach) and throws.
    • Advanced:Players who are able to catch and throw play catch with each other

     15 Minutes - Glove Work

    Describe glove/hand basics:

    • Above Waist: Windshield wiper arm motion. Catch with thumbs together
    • Below Waist: Catch with pinkies together
    • NOTE: Coach throws should be underhand or from knee so ball comes in low and flat.

    Bare-Hands Blocking Drill Use a bucket of tennis or sponge balls.

    • Throw ball to different locations above waist.
    • Block ball with catching hand fully open. (Don't push ball or catch it, just block it).
    • Throw balls more rapidly to establish reflexes.

    Two-Hand Catching Drill Use a bucket of tennis or sponge balls.

    • Throw ball to different locations above and below waist.
    • Catch balls with two hands and drop.
    • Throw balls more rapidly to establish reflexes.

    Play Catch with Coach Use a bucket of tennis or sponge balls.

    • Align players with base line.
    • Coach throws to a ready player. (Both hands out and ready).
    • Player catches, hops to throwing position, steps glove foot toward coach, and throws.
    • Coach corrects form breaks.
    • ADVANCED: throw low, to backhand side.

     10 Minutes - GROUND BALLS

    Describe basic technique:

    • Relaxed position - glove on knee
    • Ready position -  hands out front
    • In-Play -  Creep step forward
    • Catching position -  glove hand on ground, butt down, throwing hand above glove like an alligator.
    • Reset

    Fielding on Knees (Encourages placing the glove on the ground and extending it forward)

    • Both knees on ground, glove on ground in front.
    • Coach rolls or lightly bounces ball.
    • Player catches ball with throwing hand on top.
    • Player places ball in bucket with throwing hand.
    • ADVANCED: run the same drill with players standing up and vary the direction and speed of the ball.

    Ground Ball Teamwork

    • Line players up diagonally from 3rd to 1st.
    • Coach rolls ball toward a player.
    • Player runs in toward ball and catches with glove on ground like an alligator.
    • Nearby players also run in to backup but do not interfere with targeted player.
    • Player throws ball to 1st base.
    • ADVANCED: Put runners on base and throw to nearest force out base, or tag runner.

     15 Minutes - HITTING

    Line up players with their gloves as home plates and line drawn in dirt, demonstrate basic technique:

    • Knuckles (Knocking Knuckles Line Up)
    • Feet & Shoulders Straight to Plate and both pointing at the pitcher.
    • Bat on Shoulder
    • Legs Bent.  Belly button in front of toes
    • Elbows Down (Back elbow is never higher that their hands!)
    • Raise bat from shoulder (3-4 inches in front of arm pit and slightly back.  Bat points at plate)
    • Head never moves. Chin starts above front shoulder, ends above rear shoulder.
    • Discuss “Squish the Bug.”

    Batting T Stations

    Get 2 or 3 kids hitting wiffle balls off T’s at the same time.   All other players at a safe distance in the field.  After about 10-15 swings, rotate batters. 

    • Line up ball with front foot (not center of body).
    • Keep players close to the ball and require hip rotation and leading with butt of bat.
    • NOTE: resist urge to move players farther from the ball to make it easier to hit with barrel as this will create hard to break bad habits.
    • On the last swing, each batter should drop their bat on a target (e.g., bucket, glove) along the 1st base line.
    • ALTERNATE: Instead of wiffle balls, use a dodge ball or soccer ball to encourage swinging through the ball.

    Give everyone two rounds if time allows.

     5 Minutes - FUN CLOSING

    End practice with a fun activity:

    • Hitting for distance competition.
    • Relay races.
    • Last Man Catching (use sponge balls, coaches throw at players, player is out if they drop the ball).
    • Race to First. (Using a pitcher and 1st basemen. Roll ball to pitcher who must throw to 1st basemen before runner gets there).

     5 Minutes - WRAP UP

    Kids put their gloves at 2nd Base with Manager.  Kids and assistants pick up gear.  When done, everyone meets at 2nd base or right field– Hand out any paperwork.  Younger kids can get a stamp or sticker from coach.

    *Always end your practice on time.


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