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  • Uniform Numbers:
    • Majors uniform numbers are not guaranteed
    • all other divisions are assigned uniform numbers at random
  • Teammate & Coach preferences:
    • teammate & coach requests are not guaranteed
    • coaches may not have the ability to keep their kids from season to season
    • we do our best to keep siblings together unless expressly notified by the family that they would like to be seperated

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game follow the book rules of Little League Baseball.  However, our district has their own overlays that dictate interleague play and we have other local agreements on rules.  Please visit the District 2 website for the rules specific to the season and time of year in which you're playing.  Here are the direct links as best as we've been able to gather them all:

District 2 Fall Ball
Frederick City Coach Pitch Rules

Below is a high level overview of the general rules for each division.

  • Majors
    • The District voted to implement CBO for interleague play.  By rule it is to be used for tournaments.
    • We have not made a league decision to extend this to intraleague play.  Our managers may work amongst themselves to determine the use of CBO and reserve the right to bring it before the Board of Directors to have a league wide policy put in place.

Here's an overview of the general rules:

  • Minors
    • Balks will not be called
    • Infield fly rule applies
    • Pitch count limits
      • 5-8 warm up pitches between each half inning.  More pitches may be given to new pitchers summoned into the position during the inning.
      • Pitch count limits by age are in the rule book.  If the pitcher hits their limit while facing a batter they may continue to pitch to that batter until the batter is called out or reaches base.
        • Be mindful of managing pitch counts early in the season and not striving to hit the maximum limit.
        • It is imperative for player safety to abide by the days of rest indicated in the rule book based on the number of pitches thrown.

      • The rule book should be reviewed regarding players who serve as both pitchers and catchers as the number of pitches thrown or innings caught are directly related to one another in terms of limitations.
      • The rule book includes the days of rest required based on the number of pitches thrown.
      • Any part of the pitcher’s undershirt or T-shirt exposed to view shall be of a solid color. The pitcher’s undershirt sleeves, if exposed, shall not be white or gray. Neoprene sleeves, if worn by a pitcher, must be covered by an undershirt.
      • Managers or coaches are permitted to warm-up a pitcher prior to the start of the inning. 
      • Players in the Minors who are League Age 12 are not permitted to pitch.  Those players will also have league approved waivers to be in the Minors.
      • A manager or coach may visit the mound twice per inning without making a substitution.  On the third visit, the pitcher must be removed.
    • Stealing
      • No leading off
      • Runners must avoid collisions at all bases.  If a player doesn't slide on a close play, the runner will be considered out.
      • Prior to Daylight Savings
        •  Stealing is permitted on passed balls only
        • only 1 successful steal of home/half inning
        • base runners may advance on unsuccessful throws back to the pitcher
      • After Daylight Savings
        • unlimited stealing
        • Play stops when the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitcher's circle.  If a runner has already left the base prior to this occuring the play remains live.
    • Pinch runners are only allowed for the catcher when there are 2 outs or 4 runs.  The last player out is to be the runner.
    • 8 player minimum to play.  Can borrow 1 or 2 players from the opposing team if agreed upon by players and coaches.
    • 4 outfielders are allowed if agreed upon by the coaches
    • Continuous Batting Order
    • Minimum defensive playing time
      • ≤ 3 inning game = 3 outs
      • ≥ 4 inning game = 6 outs
    • unlimited substitutions
    • 5 run/inning limit.  After Daylight Savings Time, unlimited runs are allowed in the final inning
    • 10-run rule after the 4th
    • 150 minutes or 6 inning games, whichever is reached first.  No new inning will start after 120 minutes.  If the last full inning is not completed prior to the 150th minute or if it is called for darkness or weather, the score reverts back to the end of the previous inning.
    • ties are permitted
  • Coach Pitch
    • 8 good pitches only allowing additionally for an egregious last pitch where the better doesn't swing
    • 3 outs of 5 runs max/half inning, whichever is reached first
    • 2 coaches on the field for defense + 1 to assist the catcher if applicable
    • base coaches determine if a player is out or safe and if a ball is fair or foul
    • No base stealing or lead offs
    • No extra bases on overthrows, however, players may continue to run on a ball hit into the outfield until it is returned to the infield.  Players that had not advanced at least halfway to the next base by the time the ball is returned to the infield must go back to the previous base.
    • No more than 5 infielders, 1 catcher, and 4 outfielders.  Outfielders must be placed on the outfield grass.  It is common for coaches to agree in advance to playing more kids in the outfield or 2 pitchers in order to avoid anyone sitting the bench.
    • All players must be included in and cycled through the batting lineup.
    • Sliding is permitted
    • 90 minute or 6 inning games, whichever is reached first
  • Tee Ball
    • Every batter is safe regardless of any made defensive plays
    • The last batter in the order runs all the bases therefore pushing all base runners home
    • It is permissible to pitch to a batter.  If doing so, it's suggested that the batter get 3 pitches and if they don't get a hit, then they hit off the tee.
    • 60 minute maximum

Code of Conduct

The Frederick National Little League Board of Directors has mandated the following Code of Conduct. All coaches, managers, and player family representatives will read this Code of Conduct and sign in the space provided below, acknowledging that he or she understands and agrees to comply with the Code of Conduct. 

Frederick National Little League Code of Conduct: No board member, manager, coach, player or spectator shall, at any time:

  1. Lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike an official.

  2. Be guilty of heaping personal verbal or physical abuse upon any official for any real or imaginary belief of a wrong decision or judgment.

  3. Be guilty of an objectionable demonstration of dissent at an official’s decision by throwing of gloves, helmets, hats, bats, balls, or any other forceful unsportsmanlike action.

  4. Be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of a game against the body of an opposing player.

  5. Be guilty of a physical attack upon any board member, official manager, coach, player or spectator.

  6. Be guilty of the use of profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner at any time.

  7. Appear on the field of play, stands, or anywhere on the Little League complex while in an intoxicated state. Intoxicated will be defined as an odor or behavior issue.

  8. Be guilty of gambling upon any play or outcome of any game with anyone at any time.

  9. Smoke, and/or tobacco or alcoholic beverage in the proximity of the field, dugouts or benches. A violation of this by a player, manager, coach, umpire or official is subject to Board of Directors' action under the provisions of Regulation XIV. It is considered a violation if any participant leaves the field for the explicit purpose of using tobacco in any form or consuming an alcoholic beverage. Anyone doing this is to be removed for the rest of the game. Spectators are not allowed to use tobacco or alcoholic beverages anywhere on FNLL property or within 200 ft. of playing fields and are to be asked to stop smoking or leave the premises immediately. Exception to this rule will be if you are on private property adjacent to playing fields

  10. Be guilty of publicly discussing with spectators in a derogatory or abusive manner any play, decision or a personal opinion on any players during the game.

  11. Speak disrespectfully to any manager, coach, official or representative of the league.

  12. Be guilty of tampering or manipulating any league rosters, schedules, draft positions or selections, official score books, rankings, financial records or procedures.

  13. Challenge an umpire’s authority. The umpires shall have the authority and discretion during a game to penalize the offender according to the infraction up to and including expulsion from the game.

The Board of Directors will review all infractions of the Code of Conduct. Depending on the seriousness or frequency, the board may assess additional disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the league.

Grievance Policy

The following shall constitute the sole procedure by which Managers, Coaches, Players and their Legal Guardians/Parents and/or Adults shall make grievances.

i. The first step in the process should always be to try to solve the issue directly, in a calm manner, with the person(s) involved. In the event the parent or player involved in the situation is unable to solve the issue directly with the person(s) involved, a FNLL incident report shall be completed by the complainant and submitted directly to the appropriate Player Agent, appropriate Division Director, Board Member on Duty, and/or FNLL President. If the person(s) involved with the subject complaint refuses to complete the FNLL Incident Report, the appropriate Player Agent, appropriate Division Director, Board Member on Duty, and/or FNLL President can submit the FNLL Incident Report on their behalf (as long as they are willing to address or to follow-up their concerns with FNLL).

ii.All Incident reports will be reviewed by the appropriate Division Director and/or the FNLL President. The appropriate Player Agent will be brought into the discussion, if said incident directly involves a Player.

iii.Once the incident is reviewed and if the incident is deemed a potential violation of the FNLL Code of Conduct, all parties involved will be invited to address FNLL regarding their version of the incident/issue.

iv.Once the collection of information is complete (to the satisfaction of the FNLL President), the FNLL President has the sole discretion to share information and request advice from the FNLL Board and District 2 Administrator before making any final disciplinary decisions. The decision by the FNLL President shall be final and reserves the right to report said person(s) behavior to the local police if deemed necessary.

v.Grievances may only be made in accordance with this procedure. All FNLL board members shall refer players or parents who wish to file a grievance to the procedures set forth in these rules.


City field closures are announced by 2PM on weekdays and 8AM weekends.  You must sign up for notifications through the City of Frederick for information about field closures at the bottom of under the ‘News Flash’ section. 

We own Staley Stadium therefore we make our own decisions at that field.  The Field Manager has the right to close the field.  However, it's his policy that the coaches make the call.

In addition, we recommend making accommodations or cancelling in the following conditions:

  • Wind Chill Temperature is below 36℉

  • Heat Index is over 90℉

  • Sustained winds greater than 25MPH

  • Lightning

    • If lightning or thunder is observed immediately suspend the game/practice

    • If lightning is determined to be w/in 10 miles, clear the field, dugouts and any structures that could attract lightning.  Direct everyone present to seek shelter in their vehicle. 

    • If you hear thunder, then the storm is generally w/in 10 miles.  You can also determine distance by counting the seconds between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder.  Anything less than 50 seconds is w/in 10 miles.  Weatherbug and My Lightning Tracker are apps that can help with this by providing push notifications of lightning strikes in the area.

    •  Wait 30 minutes from the last lightning strike w/in 10 miles to resume play/practice

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