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Feb, 2023

Skill Evaluations & Player Draft

Skill evaluations are upon us and we are excited to see and meet all of your players. 

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2023
Time: 1PM-6PM (time slot assigned)*
Location: Staley Stadium 1204 Staley Ave, Frederick, MD 21701
(Weather Back Up: TJ Highschool Gymnasium)
Who Needs to Attend: Ages 7-12**

*When registration closes on Friday, February 24th, your player will receive an invite for a specific time to attend.  They'll be put in small groups according to their age and then go through a series of drills to test all facets of the game.  Coaches will then draft their players. 

Here are some special notes about skill evaluations and the draft:
  • 9 - 12 YO: All players age 9-12 will be eligible for the Majors.  Please notify us in advance if you don't want your 9-12 YO in the Majors. If a 9-12 YO isn't drafted by a Majors team, they'll be drafted to the Minors.  If a player drafted to a Majors team opts not to play for that team, they'll be ineligible for another Majors team and will be placed on a Minors team.  
  • **7 - 8 YO: If a 7-8 YO fails to attend Evaluations, they'll be placed on a Coach Pitch team.  You'll be notified of your player's placement by the end of the day on Tuesday, February 28th.  
  • Please know that this isn't Try Outs.  No one gets cut.  Our goal is to match a players skill level with the appropriate opportunity and help our coaches formulate their teams. 
  • If a player absolutely can't make it to Evaluations please contact Player Agent ([email protected]) or President ([email protected]).

What do you need to bring?  Please bring all your gear and at a minimum:
  • glove
  • bat
  • helmet
  • water
  • sneakers
  • cleats (optional)
  • catcher's gear (optional)
  • All boys must wear a protective cup 
If you don't have the required gear, please let us know.  We have equipment available to those in need.

Dress appropriately for the weather.  We recommend dressing in layers.
Additional details from our Player Agent: 
  • Majors: FNLL uses Plan A from the Little League Operating Policies (, where returning players remain on the same team and new players are added. 
    • Returning Majors players will remain on the same team, unless a formal request is received by the Player Agent or if a team is dissolved due to the number of registrations.
  • Minors-Kid Pitch: FNLL conducts a full re-draft of all players for all teams. Minors-Coach Pitch: The Player Agent and President assign players to teams based on information provided during registration.
  • Tee Ball: The Player Agent and President assign players to teams based on information provided during registration.
  • All potential Minors-Kid Pitch and new Major players, unless excused by the Player Agent, must participate in the League evaluations. Those players who are not excused cannot play in the Major League during the current season but are permitted to participate in the Minor League.  
  • Managers will attend the player evaluations to assess the players’ skill levels.
  • All players aged 9 to 12 are eligible to be drafted into the Majors, regardless of the division that was chosen during registration. Parents/Guardians may opt-out of playing for the Majors. (Division cost differential may be requested)
  • All players aged 7 to11 are eligible to be drafted into the Minors-Kid Pitch, regardless of the division that was chosen during registration (Division cost differential may be requested)
  • Any 7 or 8 year old who is not drafted by the Minor-Kid Pitch League or does not try out for the Minor League will be placed on a Coach-Pitch team.
  • When there are two or more siblings in the draft, and the first sibling is drafted by a manager, that manager automatically has the option of drafting the other sibling during their next selection. If the manager doesn’t exercise this option, the second sibling can be drafted by any team.
  • In the event that a drafted player cannot compete or opts-out, an undrafted but draft eligible player may be called upon.
  • The Majors draft will occur on Sunday February 26th.The Minors-Kid Pitch draft will occur on Tuesday February 28th. Player draft positions are not divulged, even after the draft is completed.
  • Additional information can be found on the Little League website at and

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