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Mason Dixon Soccer League


The Mason Dixon Soccer League travel program endeavors to provide interested players in the Southern York County School District an opportunity to foster a love of the game while developing tactical and technical soccer skills, an understanding for the rules and fundamentals of soccer, a player’s personal confidence within the game, and a sense of teamwork and fair play by providing a greater level of competition than can be found in the MDSL intramural program.

Our travel program is for girls and boys U9 thru U15 age groups (we will only field a U9 group if there are at least 10 players in that age range that register for tryouts).

Team rosters are active from Aug 1 - Jul 31 and typically adhere to the following schedule:

  • Fall season practices begin in August, games occur September - November
  • Spring season practices may begin in March and games occur April - June
  • Teams generally participate in at least 3 tournaments during the year

Player & Coach
General TimelineMar - AprMayJunAug - NovMar - Jun


2023 CPYSL Fall Division Champions!
U11 Boys Strikers
U14 Boys Red Bulls
U12 Girls Dynamite (3rd Place)

Dillsburg Dual Shootout 2023
U10 Boys Raptors - Champions!
U12 Boys Wolves -2nd Place
U13 Boys Devils - Champions!
U14 Boys Red Bulls - 3rd Place
U15 Boys United - Champions!

Columbia Fall Classic 2023
U10 Boys Raptors - Champions!

2023 Spring CPYSL Division Champions!
U11 Girls Dynamite
U9 Boys Raptors (2nd Place)

York Cup Classic 2023 
U9 Boys Raptors - Champions!

2022 Fall CPYSL Division Champions!
U10 Boys Strikers
U9 Boys Raptors (2nd Place)
U13 Boys Red Bulls (2nd Place)
U11 Girls Dynamite (3rd Place)
U15 Boys Red Wolves (3rd Place)

Dillsburg Dual Shootout 2022
U12 Boys Devils - 3rd Place
U9 Boys Raptors - 3rd Place

Fallston Cup 2022 
U11 Girls Dynamite - Champions!

2022 Spring CPYSL Division Champions!
U14 Boys Red Wolves
U10 Boys Wolves (2nd Place)

York Cup Classic 2022
U9 Boys Strikers - Champions! 

2021 Fall CPYSL Division Champions!
U12 Boys Reds
U11 Boys Devils

U10 Girls Dynamite (York USA)

Dillsburg Dual Shootout 2021 
U9 Boys Strikers - Champions!
U10 Girls Dynamite - 3rd Place 
U11 Boys Devils - 3rd Place


Promoting Soccer For The Youth Of The Community

Mason Dixon Soccer League
PO Box 153 
Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania 17361
Email: [email protected]


 Only registered players participate in the 2024-25 MDSL Travel Program Tryouts.
Registration OPEN March 1- April 15, 2024 - Click to Register 

Tryout Dates: April 29th - May 10th 2024

  • Tryouts will be conducted for ALL teams this season.
  • A tryout confirmation communication will be provided for registered player(s) by April 26th.
  • Tryouts are scheduled by gender and birth year.
  • Tryouts may be rescheduled.
  • Players must participate in one tryout session to be evaluated.
  • Volunteers, not affiliated with the age-group, will serve as evaluators.
  • Travel coaches are invited to attend tryouts for their respective age groups but will not conduct evaluations for their team.
  • Additional tryout FAQs are provided below.

Travel Coaches

Interested in coaching a MDSL travel team in 2024-25?

Email Maura Koller:
[email protected]

Important Links

FAQs 22/23
Travel Regulations
Player & Parent Code of Conduct

GotSport (for submission of travel player & volunteer/coach required documentation)

Leagues our teams compete in:

Tournaments our teams compete in:
August - Battlefield Blast (Gettysburg)
October - Dual Shootout (Dillsburg)
May - York Cup White Rose Classic

Our association:
Eastern PA Youth Soccer (


 2024-25 Travel Registration

(opens 3/1/2024)

In order to register, players must have been born between January 1, 20010 and December 31, 2016.

Prior to tryouts, the following must be complete:

  1. Complete registration & pay fee ($50) for MDSL Travel Tryouts (on GotSport).


To accept a roster spot on a travel team, you MUST completion of the following (on GotSport):

  • Current player photo
  • Proof of age (required for new players only)
  • Complete online forms (EPYSA & Communicable Disease Agreement)

ALL players are required to purchase the uniform (approximately $120) upon acceptance of a roster invitation. (outfitted by Capelli Sport)

Total Registration fees will be approximately $290 for the 24/25 season.  This season, the upfront registration fees will include $180 league registration fee, $110 tournament fee (includes 2 tournaments; other tournaments may be played for an additional fee).  A $50 tryout fee is due at the time of registration. This fee is only refundable if your child is not offered a roster spot after tryouts. If your child accepts a roster spot, the $50 will be applied to the total registration fee.  

Please review both the MDSL Travel Regulations and Player & Parent Code of Conduct.

Have questions about our travel program?
Check out our FAQs below or contact [email protected].

Travel Soccer FAQ

Players and parents/guardians should read the MDSL Travel Regulations, which outline the MDSL travel soccer mission, team formation, coach selection, tryouts, and more.


What is travel soccer? 

  • Mason Dixon Soccer League (MDSL) Travel soccer is a competitive program for players with a strong drive to develop their soccer abilities and love of the game.
  • Single-gender teams are formed, by birth year, for an entire year (Aug 1 - Jul 31) and compete together in both the fall and spring.
  • Teams travel within the county and nearby counties for soccer games (usually once a week) and tournaments (usually 1 - 2 weekends per season).

How do I know if my child is ready for a travel team?

  • Do they enjoy soccer? Do they have an interest in playing soccer in both the fall and spring? Are they ready to grow their soccer and teamwork skills? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, register for Travel Soccer tryouts.
  • Boys and girls who are ready to play competitive soccer, want to learn new skills, are ready to make the necessary commitment to play travel soccer, and are ready to be coached by experienced coaches will benefit from playing travel soccer.


When is the travel soccer season?

  • The travel program is a full year commitment (Aug 1 - Jul 31).
  • Fall season begins in August and concludes in early November. MDSL teams participate in an August tournament and Columbus Day tournament.
  • Spring season begins in late March and concludes in early June. MDSL teams participate in a May tournament.
  • Teams, with approval of the MDSL Travel Committee, may participate in alternate or additional tournaments.

When and where do travel teams practice? 

  • Each travel team will have a different practice schedule.
  • MDSL travel soccer teams practice at Miller Park in Shrewsbury, Wethersfield in New Freedom, or Codorus Township Park in Glen Rock.
  • Travel teams generally practice 2 times per week during the fall and spring seasons for 75 - 120 minutes per practice.




How much more is the time commitment for travel?

  • Surprisingly, not that much more than Intramural (IM).  Teams generally practice twice per week at a local field. Practices can last 75 - 120 minutes depending on the age group and coaches. 
  • Teams will typically play 1 game each weekend, there may be some weekends where you do have 2 games.  
  • Each team will typically participate in 2 - 3 tournaments per year.  These require a full weekend commitment.

How far will we have to travel?

  • Practices are on local fields in the SYCSD area.
  • There are typically 8 games in the fall season and 6-8 games in the spring season.
  • For most teams, half of  the games will take place at your home field in the SYCSD area. The other half may be anywhere from 30 - 90 minutes away.
  • Tournaments (2 - 3 per year) are usually within a 60 - 90 minute drive.

What is the financial commitment for travel?

  • There are three costs in the Travel Program. Registration fees, uniform costs, and tournament fees. The total will be $290 upfront for the season
    • Registration fees are $180 per player and cover the cost of league fees and referee fees. This fee covers one full year of play, including both fall and spring seasons.
    • Tournaments fees (approximately $55 per tournament, per player).  Two tournaments will be prepaid with your registration, any additional tournaments a team chooses to participate in will be collected at the time of additional tournament registrations. Most teams participate in 2 - 3 tournaments over the full year. Tournaments collect a per-team fee which is split equally by the number of players on the team. 
    • Uniforms costs  (separate from registration) are around $120. This will include 2 jerseys (one red, one black), 2 pair of socks and 2 pair of shorts. (outfitted by Capelli Sport)  Players may choose to purchase other items like a jacket, team bag, goalie gear, extra shorts or socks, etc.

What happens to my registration fee if my child does not make the team, or chooses not to play?

  • If your child DOES make the team and accepts their roster spot, the fee is deducted from the overall dues.
  • If your child DOES NOT make the team, the full $50 registration fee will be refunded. If you prefer, you may elect to apply the registration fee to the next Fall IM season registration fees instead of receiving a refund.


Does my player have to tryout?

  • Yes. MDSL conducts tryouts for the MDSL Travel Program each year. 
  • ALL New and ALL returning players tryout each year.


What are tryouts like and why are they necessary?

  • Most players describe tryouts as being very similar to a practice session. Players progress, as a group, through individual drills, then small-sided games (e.g. 2 v 2 or 3 v 3), and conclude with an age-appropriate  full-field scrimmage.
  • The format of tryouts allow MDSL evaluators (volunteer coaches and area players) to evaluate the technical, game-play, and teamwork / communication skills of each player.
  • Tryout information is used to help form teams around age-group and player skills. Tryouts also help the player meet some of our coaches, other players, and determine their interest in playing for MDSL.


Can my child try out in a different age group? 

  • Players cannot tryout or play in an age group for which they are too old. Travel soccer leagues and tournaments follow strict age groups which do not allow for older players to “play-down” in a younger age group.
  • Players will not be required to play more than one age group above their appropriate birth year age group.

What should my player wear to tryouts?

  • Players should wear a T-shirt, shorts, socks, shin-guards, and soccer cleats, and bring a ball and water.
  • Players should NOT wear their MDSL travel training gear or game jersey.

Should my child come to all tryout dates? 

  • Players should ATTEND ALL tryouts for their age group -- the more time in front of the evaluators, the better.
  • If your player will MISS ONE of the tryouts, do not fret. (We understand, unavoidable conflicts and illnesses occur!)
  • If your player CANNOT MAKE ANY of the tryouts due to injury, please contact the [email protected].


How are players selected for a team? 

  • MDSL hosts open tryouts in the spring to form teams for the following soccer year (fall and spring).
  • All players are evaluated during these tryouts by the team coaches and additional evaluators. Selected players are placed on appropriate teams by the coaches.


How do I determine the right age group for my child? 

  • Travel soccer teams are formed and competed based on birth year.
  • MDSL tryouts are conducted by birth year.
  • Some teams may have players from multiple birth years grouped together. A team with multiple birth years will play at the age-group of the oldest player in competitions.


How many players will you place on a team?

  • Each age group in travel soccer play with different game formats, field size, and roster sizes.
  • The following are the roster sizes for the different age groups in MDSL travel soccer program:

Age Group 

Number Of
Players On Field

MDSL Roster

EPYSA Roster

U9 & U107v7At least 10No more than 12
U11 & U129v9At least 12No more than 16

U13 & up

11 v 11

At least 14

No more than 22

How many travel teams will MDSL have for each age group? 

  • MDSL will form as many travel teams as we have interested players and qualified volunteer coaches.
  • Historically, MDSL has had one team per gender at each age group. This fluctuates each year based on coaches and player registration.

Once a team has been formed, will it stay together every season?

  • Whenever possible, MDSL keeps the same age groupings year to year so that there is continuity in the teams.

  • All teams experience roster changes which occur for many reasons including, but not limited to: area newcomers, changing player interest or availability, progression in roster minimums and maximums, coach changes, and number or players registered with MDSL.

When my player find out if they made the team?

  • Player notification and roster invitations will be issued by coaches after all tryouts have concluded. This may occur in late May or early June.
  • Your player will be asked to commit within 72 hours after receiving a roster invitation.
  • Families of invited players will receive further instruction from the team coach or team manager.

What if my player does not make the team?

  • MDSL strives to create the most positive experience for all families, players, coaches, and teams. However, some players may not receive roster invitations
  • ALL MDSL teams are required to meet the MDLS Roster Minimum to form.
  • MDSL teams at the U12 or below shall offer the number of roster invitations equal to the maximum roster for the league in which they will participate (or all registered players in the age bracket for the team).
  • MDSL seeks to maximize the number of teams for which we have registered players and coaches, while giving careful consideration to player development and team continuity.
  • If we are unable to add a player to the MDSL travel soccer program, we highly encourage the player to register for our Intramural (IM) Program. Registration for MDSL IM fall season occurs in mid-June thru mid-July. Registration for the MDSL IM spring season occurs in mid-Dec thru early Feb.


Can my child get on a team at other times of the year? 

  • Even after tryouts, many teams may have some roster spots open during the year.
  • Please contact the [email protected] to be connected with the appropriate team coach.