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Mason Dixon Soccer League

Past Tournament Results

Congratulations to our CPYSL Fall 2023 Division Champions!
U11 Boys Strikers
U14 Boys Red Bulls
U12 Girls Dynamite (3rd Place)

Dillsburg Dual Shootout 2023
U10 Boys Raptors - Champions!
U12 Boys Wolves -2nd Place
U13 Boys Devils - Champions!
U14 Boys Red Bulls - 3rd Place
U15 Boys United - Champions!

Columbia Fall Classic 2023
U10 Boys Raptors - Champions!

Congratulations to our 2023 Spring CPYSL Division Champions!
U11 Girls Dynamite
U9 Boys Raptors (2nd Place)

York Cup Classic 2023 
U9 Boys Raptors - Champions!

Congratulations to our 2022 Fall CPYSL Division Champions!
U10 Boys Strikers
U9 Boys Raptors (2nd Place)
U13 Boys Red Bulls (2nd Place)
U11 Girls Dynamite (3rd Place)
U15 Boys Red Wolves (3rd Place)

Dillsburg Dual Shootout 2022
U12 Boys Devils - 3rd Place
U9 Boys Raptors - 3rd Place

Fallston Cup 2022 
U11 Girls Dynamite - Champions!

Congratulations to our 2022 Spring CPYSL Division Champions!
U14 Boys Red Wolves
U10 Boys Wolves (2nd Place)

York Cup Classic 2022
U9 Boys Strikers - Champions! 

Congratulations to our 2021 Fall CPYSL Division Champions!
U12 Boys Reds
U11 Boys Devils

U10 Girls Dynamite (York USA)

Gettysburg Battlefield Blast 2021

Dillsburg Dual Shootout 2021
U9 Boys Strikers - Champions!
U10 Girls Dynamite - 3rd Place 
U11 Boys Devils - 3rd Place