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2023 Will-Kan Pinto Champions
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Important Information

Registration Opens: Now Open
Registration Closes: 02/13/2024
Late Registration: $25 additional fee 02/14/2024-02/28/2024
Age Chart: Age Cut Off Date is April 30th

Practices Start: April
Games Start: Late April
Game & Practice Days: Coaches Discretion
Fields: 1 & 3

Skills Assessment: No
Draft: Yes
All-Star Day: No
Championship Tourney: Yes, TBD

Pitching Distance: 38'
Bases: 60'

Uniform Provided: Shirt, Hat
Uniform Required: Baseball Pants
Equipment Provided by Team: Balls, Catchers Gear
Equipment Required: Glove, Face, Helmet with Face Cage, Bat, Cleats
Equipment Suggested: Equipment bag


PINTO RULES  (7-8 Years Old)

1 - The length of the game will be 6 innings.   If the game is still tied, one more inning    may be played if both coaches and the umpire agree on extending the game and provided sufficient light is still available to complete the full 7th inning.    If it is still tied at the end of 7 innings, the game will go down as a tie.  No new inning can start after 1 hour and 30 minutes.


2 – An official game is 3 and ½ innings.   The team that is losing must bat 4 times for it to be considered an official game.   


3 – A ten run slaughter rule will apply after the losing team bats 4 times.


4 – A maximum of 5 runs will be allowed for the first 3 innings and then an unlimited

amount of runs after three innings.


5 – The maximum number of innings that a pitcher may pitch in a calendar day is 3 with a maximum of 9 innings per calendar week.   The calendar week runs from Monday at 12:01 AM to Sunday at midnight.   A pitcher must have 40 hours of rest after pitching 3 innings in one game.    The 40 hours is calculated from the start of the game in which he pitched to the start of the next game in which he will pitch.   If any pitcher exceeds the limit of innings pitched in a day or week, the head coach of that team will be suspended for that game and the next full game and must be completely absent from the park and no communications with other coaches during the game time that he is suspended.   A second such violation of the pitching limitations by the same coach will result in the suspension of the coach for the rest of the year.


6 – One pitch constitutes a full inning pitched.   Once the pitcher is taken out, he may not pitch again for that game.


7 – If a pitcher hits 3 batters in one inning, he must be removed from pitching again for that game.   There is no limit to how many batters are hit during an entire game though.


8 – There is no balk rule in Pinto.    The pitching rubber needs to be set at 38’.


9 – A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher after 2 outs.   The courtesy runner must be the individual who made the last out, unless it is the pitcher or catcher, in which case it must be the individual who made the previous out.   Also to speed up the game, it is suggested that an adult be placed behind the catcher.


10 – At the beginning of the game, coaches from both teams must exchange a list of players that pitched during that week and also pitchers who pitched in the last 40 hours.  Any manager that does not exchange pitching innings – PENALTY:  TEAM FORFEITS.


11 – The Pinto division will play with a continuous batting order.   If a player exits the game due to injury or illness when his spot comes up there will be no out recorded – it will just be skipped, but if the player leaves for any other reason his spot will be counted as an out.   Any new player that arrives after the lineup has been submitted must be placed at the bottom of the order.   In case of a suspended game to be finished at a later date, any new batters must be placed at the bottom of the order also.    Any player that started in the suspended game that is not playing at the completion of the game will not be recorded as an out.


11A – The batter starts with a no ball, no strike count.   After ball four has been called, the coach, or designee, of the batting team shall pitch a maximum of four pitches overhand from the pitching rubber.   A batter will not be out if he continues to foul off the third pitch or any pitch after the third pitch.   While a coach is pitching, the pitcher must remain within 5’ of the pitching rubber, but not closer to the plate.


12 – There is no bunting, dropped third strike, or infield fly rule in the Pinto division.


13 – There is no stealing or leadoffs in the Pinto division.


14 – Batting helmets with face guards must be worn by the batter and runners at all times. In addition, a safety base must be provided by the home team.   Failure to provide the face guards or the safety base will result in a forfeit by the offending team.


15 – Wooden bats are allowed – Must be stamped USA.


16 – The base length in Pinto is 60’.


17 – Sliding is not mandatory but a runner must slide to avoid a collision with a fielder with the ball.   A runner who deliberately collides with a fielder will be automatically out and will be warned by the umpire or ejected from the game based on the severity of the collision in the umpire’s judgment.   A fielder may not block the path of a runner unless he has possession of the ball.


18 – On a ball hit to the outfield the runner(s) may advance only to the base that they were at least halfway to after the ball is returned to the infield provided an infielder has possession of the ball.    In the case of a runner over running any base a play may be made on that runner, but the runner may only return to the base he overran and not be allowed to advance a base due to the rundown.


19 – Each team shall consist of 9 fielders.   A game may begin with 8 but the ninth spot in the batting order will be an automatic out.    If a team starts with 9 players and due to injury or illness of a player, that player’s batting spot will not be counted as an out.   If the game is started with 8 players and another player shows up during the game, he must be placed at the bottom of the batting order.


20 – A player must play two full innings.   A player denied this opportunity shall result in the forfeiture of the game of the offending team.   No forfeit shall occur if the game is shortened due to weather or darkness that would have prevented that player from playing his two full innings or by the shortening of the game due to the slaughter rule.


21 – A player may be brought up from a lower level but may not pitch and no player will be allowed to play on two different rosters within the Pinto division.


22 – The home team shall supply 2 new baseballs which will be league official hardballs.


23 - A discussion of the ground rules will take place prior to all games.   All players on the batting team will remain in the dugout except for the on deck hitter who must wear a batting helmet while on the field.    Bats and equipment must be kept in the dugout and if a live ball makes contact with any equipment on the field it shall be considered a dead ball and the umpire will make decision on where to place the runners.


24 – Good sportsmanship will be expected at all times from players, coaches, and fans.

It is the coaches’ responsibility to control not only his players but also the fans.   In the umpire’s judgment, if good sportsmanship is not being followed he may eject any player, coach, or fan from the area.    This includes but is not limited to: throwing equipment, profanity, alcohol on the premises, verbal or physical abuse, and harassment of the umpires or other team.


25 – Games may be postponed due to any inclement weather, emergency, or school activity which would bring the team to less than 9 players.   If this happens, the game must be rescheduled within a week and must be played within 2 weeks.   If the rescheduling does not occur during this timeframe, the league President will decide when the game will be made up.   Failure to contact the opposing team or return phone calls to set up the rescheduled game shall be communicated to the President of the league which will be taken into consideration in allowing a possible forfeiture.


26 – When a player or anyone involved on the field is obviously hurt, the umpire and only the umpire shall stop play.   Upon resumption of the game, the umpire will then assign the runners to their appropriate bases that would have resulted had the game not been halted.


27 – Games will begin at their scheduled time with a 15 minute grace period allowed.   If the game does not start at the appropriate time, the offending team must play at the field of the team that did not violate the time limit and also pay for the umpires for that game.


28 – A player may be pulled up to reach 9 or 10 players not to exceed a total of 10 players.   In order to play on a tournament team a rostered player must play in over 50% of the games played that season.   The only exception will be in the case of an injury that forces the original rostered member of a team to not meet the requirements.    If there is any question to the validity of a player, the scorebook of that team will be used for proof.


29 – In coach pitch, if the ball goes over the fence, it is a home run.  Any ground ball not over the fence can only be advanced to a double.

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