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Manteno Youth Baseball Softball League

8U - Instructional Player and Coach Pitch

The 8U Instructional softball teams wrapped up the 2023 season recently with an end-of-season tournament.
Congratulations to all the players on a successful year of learning & growing! 🥎
1st place: Team #Whatsgoud
2nd place: Team Linda Weigt Realtor
3rd place: Team McDonalds


**Our goal for instructional softball is to continue to stress the fundamentals of softball and allow players to experience the value of teamwork while having fun. **

Important Information

Registration: Now Open
Registration Closes: 02/28/2024
Late Registration: ($25 fee) 2/29/2024 - 03/15/2024
Age: 7 & 8

Practices Start: Mid April based upon coaches discretion
Games Start: last weekend in April
Game & Practice Days:
 TBD per team

Skills Assessment: No
Draft: Yes
All-Star Day: No
Championship Tourney: Yes - Date TBD

Pitching Distance: 30'
Bases: 50'

Uniform Provided: Shirt, Socks
Uniform Required: Softball Pants
Equipment Provided by Team: Balls, Catchers Gear
Equipment Required: Glove, Face Mask, Helmet with Face Cage, Bat, Cleats
Equipment Suggested: Equipment bag


 MYBS Instructional Softball (8U) Rules


⁃ Base distance will be 50 feet.  The pitching rubber will be 30 feet from the back point of home plate.  
⁃ A time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes, with a maximum of 6 innings, will be used
⁃ Score will not be kept
⁃ Games not played because of weather or poor field conditions will be attempted to be made up depending on diamond availability.  
⁃ No jewelry, except medical I.D. Bracelets are to be worn during the game.  NOTE...If ears have recently been pierced and starter earrings may not be removed then tape or band-aids must be placed over earrings.  
⁃ Each player will be required to purchase their own protective face mask. MYBSL will not be supplying team helmets due to the possibility of transmitting lice.  



⁃ Each team will play with 10 defensive players when available.  These positions include a pitcher, catcher, first/second/third base, shortstop, and 4 outfielders.  Coaches are encouraged to rotate defensive players to different positions often to maximize the playing experience for all players on their team.  
⁃ The child playing the pitching position when the coach is pitching is required to stand inside the circle.  It is recommended that they stand to the side of the coach pitching (not behind or in front of the coach).
⁃ Players will be expected to stay in their designated positions and not crowd around the pitching circle.
⁃ Outfielders must be on the outfield grass at the time of the pitch.
⁃ All teams shall designate a pitcher who shall be responsible for fielding all balls thrown towards the pitching mound by team players.  
⁃ Base runners will not be allowed further base advancement when the ball is thrown to the teams designated pitcher.  This rule is in effect even if the designated pitcher does not clearly handle the ball.
⁃ Errant throws made during an attempted put out will result in a "dead ball" situation.  After a "play" has been attempted, base runners cannot advance any further.
⁃ All players in the field will be required to wear a protective face mask at all times.
⁃ No infield fly rule will apply


⁃ A continuous batting order will be utilized until 3 outs are achieved by the defense or the 5 run limit is achieved by the offense.  If a team's time at bat does not allow all players to bat due to 3 defensive outs, that team's next time at bat will begin with the next player in the batting order.
⁃ Batters must have both feet within the batter's box
⁃ On an infield hit, the batter and runners are allowed to advance one base with the risk of being put out.  On a ball hit beyond an infielder, but not beyond the outfielder, the batter and all runners are allowed to advance two bases with the risk of being put out.  On a ball hit past the outfielders, the batter and all runners are allowed to advance at their own risk.  
⁃ Runners on base will be allowed to lead off once the ball has crossed the plate.  
⁃ Runners must return back to their base before the pitcher steps on the mound to throw their next pitch
⁃ Runners starting at 1st or 2nd base are entitled to steal 1 base only per pitch with the liability to be put out.  Runners are not allowed to advance more than 1 base per pitch even in the event of an overthrow at the base.  
⁃ Runners starting at 3rd base may not steal home.  
⁃ A total of 3 bases may be stolen during a team's at bat each inning
⁃ A base may only be stolen when a CHILD is pitching.  Base runners may not steal a base when the coach is pitching.
⁃ A thrown bat will result in a warning to the player on the first occurrence and an out on any subsequent occurrences by the same player.  If a player is called out for throwing the bat, that out will NOT count towards the 3 defensive outs required to end a team's at bat.
⁃ No bunting or fake bunting allowed.


⁃ A child pitcher will start an inning.
⁃ If a strike out or hit ensues, the child pitcher will continue pitching.
-Once the child pitcher pitches 4 balls, the coach will step in to pitch. The batter will be given 3 pitches (unless the last ball is a foul ball; then another pitch will be given).
-If a child pitcher hits a batter with their pitch, the batter has the option to take 1st base or have the coach throw 3 pitches to them.
-The child pitcher will continue to pitch until the have walked 4 batters. At this time, the coach will pitch the remainder of the inning.

** Instructional (8U) will be partnering with Peotone 8U this year.  As a result, there will be games played in Peotone.


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Manteno Youth Baseball Softball League

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