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2019/2020 Girls Program

Director of Coaching & Player Development
Shannon Cirovski [email protected] 

Age-Group Contacts

YDP Director: 
Emily Janss

U13-U19 State Cup Teams (2001-2007): Jeff Rohrman

Goalkeeper Coach (U13-U19):
Monica Lovett-Groat

Goalkeeper Coach YDP : Zane Campbell

[email protected] 

 [email protected]

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To learn more about our 2019/2020 Tryouts please go to our Girls Tryout page

If you are looking to register for tryouts please make sure to fill out an application on League Apps. As a reminder we will not be using Blue Sombrero this season for registration. 

2019/2020 Coaches

Age Team Name League Coach Coach Email
GU08 Academy 12/13 EDP Futures  Emily Janss [email protected]
Christine Thebo [email protected]
GU09 Acad Blue 11 EDP Futures Noelle Keselica [email protected]
GU09 Acad White 11 EDP Futures  Liz Robinson [email protected]
GU09 Acad Green 11EDP FuturesMikayla Krinetz TBD
GU10 Acad Blue 10 EDP Futures  Noelle Keselica [email protected]
GU10 Acad White 10 EDP Futures   Sam Roos [email protected]
GU10 Acad Green 10 NCSL TBD TBD
GU11 Acad Blue 09 EDP  Gary Burke [email protected]
GU11 Acad White 09 EDP  Gary Burke [email protected] 
GU11 Acad Green 09 NCSL Daniel Reeves  [email protected]
GU12 Acad Blue 08 ECNL  Kevin Layton [email protected]
GU12 Acad White 08 EDP Sam Roos [email protected]
GU12 Acad Green 08 NCSL  TBD TBD
GU13 ECNL First Team 07 ECNL 1 Dave Greene [email protected]
GU13 ECNL Second Team 07 ECNL 2 Liz Robinson  [email protected]
GU13 EDP/NCSL 07 EDP/NCSL Mustapha Minteh [email protected]
GU14 ECNL First Team 06 ECNL 1 Dave Greene [email protected]
GU14 ECNL Second Team 06 ECNL 2 Tony Pykosh  [email protected]
GU14 EDP/NCSL 06 EDP/NCSL Hector Morales Jr.  [email protected]
GU15 ECNL First Team 05 ECNL 1 Kevin Layton [email protected]
GU15 ECNL Second Team 05 ECNL 2 Nancy Rohrman [email protected]
GU15 EDP 05 EDP Mustapha Minteh [email protected]
GU16 ECNL First Team 04  ECNL 1  Shannon Cirovski [email protected]
GU16 ECNL Second Team 04 ECNL 2  Nancy Rohrman [email protected]
GU16 EDP 04 EDP Hector Morales Jr. [email protected]
GU17 ECNL First Team 03 ECNL 1 Trey Livingston [email protected]
GU17 ECNL Second Team 03 ECNL 2   Trey Livingston[email protected]
GU17 EDP 03 EDP  Haroot Hakopian  [email protected]
GU18 ECNL First Team 02 ECNL 1  Ashly Kennedy [email protected]
GU19 EDP EDP  Jeff Rohrman [email protected]
 GU18ECNL 2ECNL 2Haroot Hakopian[email protected]

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