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Homeschool PE

Homeschool PE Fall 2021 Plans!

Schedule for the Fall Semester
Monday  & Wednesday
9:30-10:30am 2nd - 4th Grade
10:30-11:30pm 5th - 6th Grade
11:30-12:30pm  7th - 9th Grade

Start Date and schedule -15 weeks of class

First Class - August 23rd
Last Class -December 13th

What do we do in class?
Athletic Focus of the Class
5-10 minute free play with the days class equipment and class attendance
5-10 minute warmup and stretch
40-45 minute skills and drills for specific sport/activity
5 minute cooldown and cleanup

Sports we plan to work on.- Badminton, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, flag football, agility and hand/eye coordination drills. 

If you have questions send them to [email protected] and registration is open after you log in at

-Other Things to note!
  1. -If the Muni or State of Alaska closes the facility or otherwise causes the session to be cancelled you will receive a pro-rated refund for the class. If the class begins the charge for insurance that CYSA incurs cannot be refunded ($25 per child).
  2. -Costs went up this session to cover the mandatory costs of extra equipment and cleaning supplies due to Covid.
  3. -Children must wear a mask into the building and to the turf. Once class begins they may remove the mask as they will be engaged in Physical Activity for the entire hour. Families are not allowed to wait at the facility if they are not a participant (this is a significant change from previous years and is due entirely to Covid).
  4. -At the conclusion of a session participants must exit the building directly to their family personal vehicle. Parents need to be responsible in being on time to pick up their child at the end of their class time.
  5. -Class is limited to 20 children per session. If these sessions fill up we may add classes on Tuesday for more students.
  6. -If you are new to homeschooling and CYSA here is how the costs work. You register and pay CYSA online or by check like any other sport. Turn in your email as proof of registration / payment to your homeschool group. They will reimburse you for the costs of this class (you can also use your allotment to cover the costs of any other CYSA sports session. Because CYSA is a recreational league, all our sports seasons are eligible for allotment reimbursement i.e. soccer, basketball, flag football and volleyball seasons are reimbursable.)

Registration is open now at

Brian Rolston