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Volleyball FAQs

2023 Volleyball
Season runs March 20-May 20, 2023
Registration will close on March 8, $50 late fee after March 8, 2023

Eligible Participants

All girls & boys ages 7-17 (we will try to have a 15-17 HS age group)

Pricing Information
Registration for all players is $140.00.  Coaches will receive a $50 discount for each team they coach.
** If your player does not yet have a CYSA jersey, there will be a one-time jersey fee of $40. **
REGISTRATION CLOSES MARCH 8TH and there will be a $50 late fee beginning March 9th. 


The CYSA volleyball season will begin with practices during the week of March 14, 2022. Games will be played at Mirror Lake Middle School starting March 26th and continuing through May 14th.  All practices are held at elementary schools in the Eagle River/Chugiak area one evening per week.  ALL games will be Saturdays at Mirror Lake Middle School.  Practices are 60-75 minutes long and games are 90 minute sessions.

Rally scoring is used for CYSA volleyball - a point is awarded on every serve.  Servers can score 3 offensive points per turn then service goes to the other team.

Age Divisions
All volleyball divisions are co-ed.  Age divisions are based somewhat on skill as well as age:
    Rookies - ages 7-9
    Juniors - ages 10-11
    Seniors - ages 12-14
    HS ages 15-17

There is some flexibility in the ages for the divisions based on skill level - for more information email us at [email protected] or call 694-6559.

Team Formation
In an effort to balance our recreational volleyball teams, CYSA shall form teams in a manner consistent with CYSA policies.   Team formation will be based on player abilities (as provided by the parents/guardians) in consideration with gender, height, and age balanced among the teams.  School attendance area will be taken into account, as long as it does not conflict with the previous considerations.  CYSA will attempt to honor requests regarding practice night conflicts.

CYSA will not guarantee placement on a specific team or with a specific coach.  Our belief is that teams need to be formed for the benefit of all players, not singular players and for this reason, we may often need to refuse special requests that limit our ability to balance teams.  We believe that no matter what team a child is placed on, he or she will have an opportunity to play in a fun and positive environment.

When Will I Hear From My Coach?
Rosters will be completed during the week following the registration deadline. Coaches will begin notifying players as soon as they have received their rosters but if you have not heard from your coach by the week before practices begin, please contact the CYSA office at [email protected] or 694-6559.

*** U
niforms & Equipment ***
CYSA has moved to a reversible blue/green, single jersey. The home team will wear the blue side of the jersey and the away team will wear the green side of the jersey. The reversible jerseys will be worn for ALL CYSA SPORTS so there is a one-time jersey fee of $40 for the jersey that can be worn for all sports until the jersey no longer fits or is lost or destroyed. Non-marking shoes are required in all ASD facilities.  Knee pads are optional but highly recommended.

Game Schedules
Game schedules will be posted on the CYSA website at  Schedule updates or changes will be posted there as well so please check the website and your schedule each week for announcements or changes. Cancellations will also be posted on our Facebook page!

All CYSA coaches are volunteers who attend a training session discussing effective coaching, program goals and skill development. They are individuals who take their personal time to instruct and coach your child. Without their efforts, this program would not be possible, so please join us in showing your appreciation for their commitment.

Coaches are needed! The only way we can guarantee that each child will have a team is if parents volunteer to coach.  Even if you cannot be the “head” coach, please consider volunteering to assist your coach. It is imperative to have at least two adults participating with each team. Please contact CYSA at [email protected] or 694-6559 if you are interested in coaching. Coaches receive a discount.

No experience is necessary – we will train you.  The coach clinic will be held prior to the beginning of the season and will include on-the-court training.  If you wish to coach, this clinic is an excellent place to get applicable ways to teach your team the basic volleyball skills. We also provide on-going training for any coach who requests assistance during the season!

Team Parents 
Every team needs a team parent.  A team parent assists the coaches by helping with phone calls, coordinating after game refreshments and planning the end of season celebration.

Gym/Hall Monitors
Gym/Hall Monitors help CYSA preserve the relationship with ASD and the schools.  The use of the facilities depends on how well players and their families take care of them.  Gym/Hall Monitors remind players and their families that NO food or drinks can be brought into the gyms; they ensure that players or siblings are not running or exploring through the halls of the school; they also assist the coach and Team Parent after each game to ensure all trash is picked up and that all chairs are put away.

Inclement Weather
CYSA will generally follow ASD closing procedures. If in doubt, check the CYSA website or Facebook page prior to games for closure information. FOR PRACTICES - coaches are given the discretion to cancel practices due to inclement weather.  Please contact your child’s coach if you are unsure as to whether practice will be held or not. The CYSA office will not necessarily have this information.

Picture Day
Coaches will sign up for a photography time slot. We STRONGLY URGE all players to attend the picture day session even if you are not ordering individual player photos. The team pictures are an important momento to many players and too many times players are missing from the picture!

All order forms and photography information will be distributed through your coach or you can contact Fitzgerald Photography with photo-specific questions at [email protected].

Cancellation Policy
In the event of a player cancellation, a full refund will be given if we receive your cancellation request prior to the registration deadline. Once the registration deadline has passed, a processing/insurance fee of $15 will be retained by CYSA. There may also be  $5 credit card processing charge, if applicable.

After the first game, registration is closed and refunds will not be awarded. Special cases must be approved by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

CYSA Jewelry Policy
Players participating in all CYSA sports are not permitted to wear any jewelry (including earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) or dangerous hair accessories (metal or hard hair clips. beads, etc.) during practices or games.This includes new ear piercings. If the earrings are not removed, the player cannot play.

Referees will check players before all games to ensure they comply with this policy.  Any player who does not remove unsafe items will not be able to play.  This policy is for the safety of all participants.

CYSA Rules

CYSA Volleyball follows the rules for the National Federation of State High School Association with a few amendments;
please click here
to view the CYSA Volleyball Rules