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Indoor Soccer FAQs

2023 Winter Indoor Soccer Season!

Fall Indoor September 11-November 11th 
Winter Indoor Session January 8th-March 2nd
Fall 2023 REGISTRATION PERIOD: Ends on September 3th. Late Fee starts Sept 4th!
There will be a $50 late registration fee for all registrations received after Sept 3th.

Practice and Game Format for 2023/24 Indoor!
The U4 Coed
division will have one 60 minute session each week on Saturday. They will play during our first rental hour, most likely 10am but rental times are not confirmed yet. The session is generally made up of 15-20 minutes practice and 30 minutes of scrimmage.  They will play 4 v 4 without goalkeepers using a size 3 ball. Cost is $100 per person.

The U6-U8 Coed divisions will have one weekday practice session! This session will be a one hour session and may be a shared-court/turf practice. Coaches will have the opportunity to work with their players and/or scrimmage another U6 team, if practicing on a shared-court/turf. U6 teams will play 4 v 4 (U8 5v5) without goalkeepers using a size 3 ball. One game per week on Saturday at the Mac late morning to early afternoon using small fields and pop up goals.

U11 division will have one 60 minute practice in an elementary gym (maybe Mac depending on numbers and teams) and one full field game at the Mac Center on Saturday early to mid afternoon.

U14 division will have one 60 minute split practice during the week at the Mac and one game per week at the Mac Center on Saturday late afternoon.

The U19 division will have one 60 minute practice per week at the Mac Center and one 60 minute game at the Mac Center on Saturday late afternoon.

U4, U6 and U8s play 4 v 4 without goalkeepers; two 22 minute halves; size 3 soccer balls (sideways on small fields)
U11 play 6 v 6 with goalkeepers; two 22 minute halves; size 4 soccer balls (full field)
U14s play 6 v 6 with goalkeepers; two 22 minute halves; size 5 soccer balls (full field)
U19s play 6v6 with goalkeepers; two 35 minute halves; size 5 soccer balls (full field)

The rules of indoor soccer are similar to traditional soccer. CYSA will play all our games on the turf at the Mac Center! Practices for the younger divisions will still be at local elementary school gyms which will allow players the opportunity to practice the speed and agility of indoor soccer!
The faster playing surface and confined spaces of indoor soccer force players to make immediate decisions in crowded areas. The intent is for players to develop quick and effective ball control and teammate awareness. They are constantly in motion so they must develop quickness, agility and precision in their passing. 

Overall, indoor soccer is a great way to stay active during the cold winter months.  We hope you sign up and have fun with Indoor Soccer!

Eligible Participants
All girls & boys ages 3-18.
Due to the nature of indoor soccer, we are sorry we cannot allow children under 3 years of age to play.

Pricing Information

  • U4 players (3 years old - one session per week) - $100.00
  • U6-U19 players (6-18 years old - one practice and one game per week) - $140.00
  • Jersey fee - $40 *Only if you need a new jersey

(unless the current one doesn't fit)


The CYSA indoor soccer practices will begin the week of September 11th, 2023.  Each team (U6 and above) will have one practice during the week and one game on the weekend. U4 teams will have a one hour block to practice and play each Saturday.

There will be a scrimmage the first weekend and the first games will be during the week of October 9th.  The final day of the season will be November 20th
Practices for youngest divisions will be at elementary schools in Eagle River and Chugiak and all games will be on the indoor turf at the Mac Center! 

Age Divisions - divisions may be adjusted depending on registration numbers.

Team Formation

In an effort to balance CYSA recreational teams, we will form teams in a manner consistent with CYSA policies. WE URGE PARENTS TO BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE WITH ABILITY LEVELS WHEN REGISTERING!  Team formation is based on player abilities (as provided by parents) and prior competitive soccer experience. We also take into balance teams by gender (coed), height, and age among the teams.  CYSA will attempt to honor requests regarding practice night conflicts.

CYSA will not guarantee placement on a specific team or with a specific coach.  Our belief is that teams need to be formed for the benefit of all players and for this reason, we may often need to refuse special requests that limit our ability to balance teams.  We believe that no matter what team a child is placed on that he or she will have an opportunity to play in a fun and positive environment.

Playing "Up" or "Down"
Participants with an appropriate age, size and skill level or experience may "play up or down" in another division with the joint permission of the director of coaching and program manager. Please call or email us at 694-6559 or [email protected] with these requests.

When Will I Hear From My Coach?
Coaches will be notifying players of their team assignment as soon as possible.  Rosters and practice schedules will be available online as soon as they are completed - login to your CYSA account, then check "My Account," then "View Rosters and Schedules".  If you have not checked your account or heard from your coach by September 16th, please contact the CYSA office at [email protected] or 694-6559.

Uniforms & Equipment ** Please read carefully! **
CYSA has transitioned to the use of a one-time, reversible jersey. There will be a ONE-TIME UNIFORM FEE (another jersey will not need to be purchased /until/unless your child outgrows or loses theirs!) and each participant will receive a reversible jersey.

* The "blue side" of the jersey will be the "Home Team" and the "green side" of the jersey will be the "Away Team" for every CYSA game - NO MATTER THE SPORT (except CYSA/NFL Flag Football which has their own NFL jerseys)!
* ONE-TIME uniform fee per player (until your player outgrows the uniform or loses it).
* Uniforms will be un-numbered which will allow kiddos to wear the same jersey for each CYSA sport they play, for multiple years!
* Each uniform fee will INCLUDE APPLICATION OF THE PLAYERS' LAST NAME on each side of the jersey!
* Jerseys can be handed-down to siblings as your kiddo outgrows them!

Players should be dressed in their CYSA jersey at all games and non-marking shoes are required in all ASD facilities. Shin guards are required for all practices and games, worn inside of the socks.  Shirts are to be tucked in.

ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY will be allowed on the soccer fields for practices or games per internationally recognized and sanctioned FIFA soccer laws!  PLEASE do not get your child's ears pierced prior to, or during the soccer season or they will not be allowed to play! Jewelry poses a hazard not only to your player, but to all other players on the field. The ONLY exception that can be made is MedicAlert jewelry which will need to be taped to the skin to prevent fingers from being caught underneath the necklace or bracelet. There are NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS.

Game Schedules
Game schedules will be posted on the CYSA website at as soon as they are completed.  Schedule updates or changes will be posted there as well – please check your schedule each week during the season for announcements or changes. The Blue Sombrero system will send you emails or text messages if you allow it to remind you of games and practices.

All CYSA coaches are volunteers who attend a training session to learn effective coaching, program goals and skill development. They are individuals who take their personal time to instruct and coach our players. Without their efforts, this program would not be possible.

Coaches are always needed and a registration discount is offered! The only way we can guarantee that each child will have a team is if parents volunteer to coach.  Please consider coaching! As challenging as coaching can sometimes be, it is extremely fulfilling to make a positive impact on a child! An impact that can last their lifetime! You can register as a coach while registering your player, or contact CYSA at [email protected]  if you are interested in coaching.

No experience is necessary – we offer a coaching clinic prior to each season as well as a library of resources such as books, DVDs, and training plans.  This year's coach clinic will be held most likely at Gruening Middle School. This session is a great way to learn all you need to get started and we strongly encourage every coach to attend! Our soccer director is happy to mentor coaches during the season as well! The Coach Clinic is also when coaches will pickup their gear bags and everything they need for a successful season!

Team Parents 
Team parent are another critical asset to every team. Team parents assist coaches by helping with phone calls, coordinating after-game snacks and refreshments as well as ordering trophies or medals and planning an end of season celebration.

Gym/Hall/Turf Monitors
Gym/Hall/Turf Monitors help CYSA preserve the relationship with ASD, The Mac Center, and the schools.  Our use of ASD facilities depends on how well we take care of them.  Gym/Hall/Turf Monitors remind players, families, and guests that NO food or drinks can be brought into the gyms as well as ensuring that players, siblings, and guests are not running or exploring through the halls of the school. Monitors can also assist the Coach and Team Parent after each game to ensure all trash is picked up and that all chairs are put away.

Inclement Weather
CYSA will normally follow the closure policies of the Anchorage School District, however, we are allowed use of the facilities even when school is cancelled. So, please be sure to keep in contact with your child’s coach and/or check our website and Facebook page for information regarding closures and cancellations.

Picture Day
We are pleased to have Fitzgerald Photography taking soccer photos this season! Coaches will sign up for pictures at the Coach Clinic, so please contact them if you are unsure of your assigned picture day and time. Also, PLEASE ensure that your player attends the team picture shoot. Pictures are very meaningful to players and coaches, so even if you are not interested in purchasing pictures, PLEASE have your child present for the team picture.

Cancellation Policy
In the event of a player cancellation, a full refund will be given to those that cancel their registration prior to the registration deadline. Once the registration deadline has passed, a non-refundable processing/insurance fee of $15 will be retained by CYSA. There will be a $5 credit card processing charge if applicable and jersey fees are non-refundable once names are applied.

After the first game, registration is closed and refunds will only be awarded in special cases and must be approved by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. Any approved refund will be prorated.


How Do I Register?

To register for indoor soccer online, click here, then use the link at the top-right corner of the page to either login to your existing CYSA account or set one up!

You can also download the registration form and email, mail or fax it to CYSA. 
Click here to download the form.

Practice Plans and Tips

Here are some links to Practice Plans and Tips for training up our soccer players!

Practice Plan U6 #1
Practice Plan U6 #2