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Cheer Attendance Policy

Cheer Attendance & Appearance Policy
Palos Verdes Youth Football & Cheer Attendance and Conduct Policy

The following is the PVYF&C Attendance Policy and is approved and endorsed by the PVYF&C Board and Coaches.

The Palos Verdes Youth Football & Cheer Board of Directors has directed all teams  to establish a consistent and reasonable policy regarding attendance and conduct  at practices during August and during the season, as well as for season games, and  playoff games and competitions. The following is our policy regarding participation  in all Cheer activities.

Philosophy on Attendance
It has always been our personal belief that one of the best things about cheerleading  is the camaraderie that comes with sharing all of the hard work, pain, joy, and shear  sweat for the common purpose of becoming a powerful and competitive group of  individuals who have learned to perform as a team. When one member of our team  fails to come to practice regularly or on time, that person loses part of the sport and  the experience and greatly affects the other members of her team. To miss practices  during August puts an individual behind in what has been learned and takes away  from his or her feeling of being part of this team. Furthermore, that member affects  the ability of her stunt group to practice safely and consistently. To miss practices  during the season, unless due to illness, injury or academic activity, prevents that  person and her squad from being adequately prepared to cheer and perform at the  game on Saturday and be properly prepared for competition later in the season.  Absence also deprives her of the respect of her teammates. It hurts the team, and it  hurts the individual - your child. In order to get the most out of the cheer experience, it is imperative that all members of the team learn to make her team  mates as important as themselves, and to make the individual sacrifices that are  shared by all members of the team, coaches and players alike, a common cause that unites all of us in the exhilaration of the final test - the games and the competitions! Cheerleading is a team sport and dependent on a  team mentality to be safe and competitive.

Palos Verdes Youth Football and Cheer has an established vacation policy:
1.  Attendance at August practice is MANDATORY, unless excused by the Association Cheer Director (preferably in writing).  2.  Unexcused absences at practice in excess of three may cause the cheerleader to  be dropped from the squad. 3.  Attendance at football games is MANDATORY. Unexcused absences for  more than two games will cause the participant to be dropped from the team. 4.  Academic school functions have priority over PV Football practice or games.  No participant shall be penalized in any form for participation in school-sponsored events. (Cotillion is NOT an academic school-sponsored event.)
Families that are planning August vacations or camps should elect NOT to participate in our program.
To the individual, this may seem demanding. However, when the squad works as a unit and when the squad counts on every participant to be there and ready to participate, it is the fairness to the regular attendee that tips the scales. Due to the SAFETY of ALL our participants, please give due consideration to your level of commitment, for the benefit of your child as well as the rest of the team

Attendance Requirements
It is the task of the coaches to make a team out of individuals, and to take  necessary actions to prevent disunity within the team. Due to the complicated  nature of the stunts and cheer formations, each squad member is an important and  integral part of the team. Each girl must be present for the squad to effectively and  safely choreograph and practice its competition routine and to perform at games.  With that in mind, PVYF&C and Pop Warner endorse the following policy regarding  attendance at practices, games, and activities.

Jewelry Policy
Per our Pop Warner Rulebook, jewelry of any kind (i.e. post earrings, friendship bracelets, watch, necklaces, rings, pins, body piercings, etc) will not be worn at practices, games, or competitions, except religious or medical medals, which must be secured to the body (without a chain) with tape under the apparel.  Piercings may not be covered with any type of tape. We kindly ask that your cheerleader does not get any new sort of piercing right before or during the season. It MUST be taken out at any practice, games, and competitions and we do not wish to force this situation where the piercing may close over causing arguments Cheerleaders who show up with any jewelry will be asked to remove it prior to practices, games, and competitions. If the cheerleader cannot remove them on their own, the Coaches and Staff WILL NOT be allowed to remove it for them. A parent or guardian will be called to remove it. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the cheerleader not being able to practice or cheer at the games. 
This protects everyone from potential injuries from fingers getting caught, cuts, as well as the potential for any piercings being ripped out.


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