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South Kingstown Little League (SKLL)

South Kingstown Little League (SKLL)


What programs does South Kingstown Little League (SKLL) offer?
SKLL offers developmental baseball and softball programs from ages 4 years old and up.

  • Our baseball programs are for both boys & girls.
    • T-ball (4 to 6 year olds) provides very basic introduction to baseball including positioning, hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, sportsmanship and the basic rules of baseball. Tee Ball instruction and games will be centered on the kids hitting off of fixed tees.
    • Instructional (coach pitch; ages 5-8) provides an atmosphere for teaching/improving the basics of baseball in a non-competitive game setting including hitting a pitched ball, fielding, throwing, catching, base running, sportsmanship and knowledge of the basic rules of baseball. Instructional League baseball is a coach-pitch league intended to prepare participants for Minors baseball (a player-pitch league). Baseball league age 5 and 6 year-old players must have had 1 year of T-ball and may be asked to attend a group evaluation prior to entry into the Instructional League.
    • Minors (ages 8-10) provides a positive experience for the participants and to introduces players to a higher level of play in preparation for graduation to little league Major baseball. This includes a continued emphasis on learning the fundamentals of the game and instruction on the finer points and strategies of baseball. The goal of Minors is to develop players of different ages at different positions in preparation for majors in a more competitive atmosphere still while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship in a positive team environment.
    • Major (ages 9-12) raises the level of competition for the players, while continuing the emphasis on player development.
    • Juniors/Seniors (ages 13-16) continues to the emphasis on player development as the players experience the big diamond.These divisions travel to other towns to play.
  • Our softball programs are for girls only; it is fast-pitch softball, which means that there is no arc on the ball from the pitcher. This is the game that is played in most Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges.
    • Coach Pitch (coach pitch; ages 6-7)
    • Minors (child/coach pitch; ages 7-10)
    • Majors (ages 9-12) This division travels to other towns to play
    • Juniors (ages 12-14) This division travels to other towns to play
  • Some divisions of baseball and softball have specific requirements, while others may be flexible. Some ages listed for divisions are approximate.
  • Competitive All Star and Tournament play follows the regular season.
  • A Training and Development (TAD) program is available in the summer.
  • A Travel Fall Ball program is offered in the late summer through the fall.
  • There are additional fees for Tournament, TAD, and Fall Ball.

What kind of softball does SKLL play?
Little League softball plays what is called "fast pitch" softball. This is the game that is played by the SK Middle School and SK High School, all colleges and the Olympics. The pitch is not really fast because players of the same age are pitching the ball underhanded, which is slower than an overhand throw. The biggest difference between "slow" pitch and "fast" pitch softball is that in fast pitch, there isn't a high arc, so the ball stays relatively flat; and there are only nine defensive players in the field.

Does the child/parents have to live in South Kingstown in order to play for SKLL?
Mostly Yes, either the child or one parent must reside in SK (by February 1st). Proof of residency is required. A waivercan be granted if the child played in SK then moved out of town.
If a child attends a grade school (Compass, Kingston Hill, MSC, Prout) located within South Kingstown, then they may play for SKLL.
A sibling living in the same household is eligible if another sibling meets one of the previous requirements.

What can be used for proof of age and residency?
A certified birth certificate is usually used for proof of age. Note that hospital birth certificates are not acceptable. While there are a number of things that can be used for proof of residency, usually a parent driver license, auto registration, utility bill, or insurance bill is adequate. SKLL requires only 1 form of proof of residency, however 3 forms will be needed if a child is selected for All Star play.

Does my child have to “try out” to play baseball or softball?
During the regular spring and fall seasons all eligible players are placed on a team in the appropriate league.  However, all baseball players ages 9, 10, 11 & 12 who seek to play in the Majors baseball division must attend a player evaluation in order to be drafted into the Major League.  All 8 and 9 year old players that are entering the Minor League might have to attend an evaluation to be drafted into the Minor League.

All softball players ages 9 - 14 (and are currently not on a Major or Junior team) must attend evaluations. All younger players are placed on teams in the appropriate league.

What is meant by “draft”?
A draft is a player selection process allowed by Little League. After evaluations, the League managers gather and on a rotating basis, select players to fill the vacancies on their rosters. Players return to the same team each year thereafter. Not all players are selected to move to the next level during the draft process, however, they will still be able to play at their current level and are encouraged to try again the following year. Some players may be moved up during the season as a replacement.

When should my child expect to hear about team placement?
Your child’s team manager should contact you by the end of March. Usually, managers will give out team practice and game schedules during the first week of practice.

What equipment does my child need to play?
Little League International provides a checklist of required and optional equipment. At minimum, your child will need a baseball glove and boys also will need to wear an athletic supporter with a hard cup. The league will supply a team shirt and hat. Some children will also want uniform pants, belt, and (non-metal) cleats, which the league does not provide. The league provides each team with several bats, batting helmets, and catcher gear. Players can bring their own helmets and catchers' equipment if they choose but are not required to furnish these items themselves.

Who runs SKLL?
SKLL is run by many dedicated volunteers. The General Members (in good standing) of the league elects a Board of Directors at its annual meeting in September. The Board then handles the day-to-day operations and votes on issues relevant to the League’s operations. In addition to the Board, there are many volunteers handling specific duties, such as coaching, fundraising, concession stand, and sponsorship. Any parent, coach, manager, or volunteer of SKLL may attend a Board meeting. The Board meets monthly (posted on our website). Anyone wishing to place an item on the agenda should contact the League President and League Secretary.

What does my registration fee go to?
The registration fee is used by SKLL to buy the team uniforms, and equipment such as baseballs, bats, helmets, catcher gear, and first aid products. It also pays for the league's charter fees, insurance, and umpire fees.

How do I get a registration refund if my child doesn't play?
To obtain a refund please send an email to SKLL or call the SKLL phone number and leave a message. Please include your name, address, phone number, the players name, and reason you are requesting the refund. Credit card transaction fees are not refundable. Refunds will be issued on the following schedule:

SPRING SEASON: Before March 15th a $10 processing fee will be assessed for all refunds. On/after March 15th a 50% refund will be issued. After the player draft or placement of players (or March 31st whichever comes first for that division) no refund will be issued because it affects the balance of the teams.
FALL SEASON: Before August 15th a $10 processing fee will be assessed for all refunds. On/after August 15th a 50% refund will be issued. After the draft or placement of players (or August 31st which ever comes first) no refund will be issued because it affects the balance of the teams.

What if I can't afford to pay the registration fee?
SKLL provides financial aid to those who need it. You must request the aid by sending an email to SKLL and be prepared to document that you need it, then the President will make the determination. If financial aid is given, SKLL will ask you to volunteer your time to the league.


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