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Richmond Little League

Intermediate 50/70

The Intermediate 50/70 level is for players who are Little League ages 11, 12 & 13. In order to find your player's "Little League Age" please click here. 

Games are played at Byrd Park North using the 50/70 field.  50/70 refers to the dimensions of the diamond; the pitcher's mound being 50 feet from home plate and the bases being 70 feet apart. For this division, Little League Baseball, Inc. has directed the use of Juniors rules and regulations governing  leads, steals, pick-offs and bats. The goal of moving to 50/70 is to increase safety and to ease the transition from the 46/60 Minors field to the regulation 60/90 field used at all other levels of baseball.

Before the regular season starts, Majors (Intermediate 50/70) teams practice at least twice a week (usually once during the week and once on weekends). After the regular season starts, teams usually have two games per week (one during the week and one on the weekend). Teams may also conduct practices in between games. Although scores are tallied and games are counted as wins or losses, regular season standings are not kept and have no bearing on the postseason tournament. At the end of the regular season, there is a pool-format playoff tournament.