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Richmond Little League

Richmond Little League All Stars

Richmond Little League typically enters teams in a number of summer “All-Star” tournaments.  The tournaments in which we usually participate are listed below.   Each year the number of teams we enter is based on player availability to field the most competitive teams as we can.
Coach Pitch:
Distrct 5 tournament, 8 year old and under June 14/15-22/23
Location TBD

Machine Pitch:
(8 year old and under)
Huguenot Invitational - July 12
District 5 tournament, 9-10 year old division –June 14/15-22/23
Atlee Invitational (9 year olds) –  July 8th                                                           
Ashland Invitational (10 year olds) –July 20
District 5 11YO Tournament
District 5 tournament, Little League division (11-10 year olds) --June 14/15-22/23

50/70 (Intermediate): 
District 5 tournament, Little League division (11-12-13 year olds) –June14/15-22/23
Tuckahoe Invitational (46/60 Tournament)  (12-11-10 year olds) -Aug 1
Juniors / Seniors:
District 5 tournament, Juniors division (13-14+ year olds) –June 21/22-29/30

District 5 Majors Softball June 21/22-29/30
Team Selection:
All-star teams are selected by the All-star team coaches in conjunction with the league commissioners and are based in part on recommendations from all of the regular season coaches in that division. All-star coaches are volunteers from the regular season coaches at each division and are appointed by the commissioner and approved by the RLL Board.
To be selected for an all-star team, a player must have played in 60% of the candidate's team’s games and meet all Little League eligibility requirements, including residency.  The player should be available for the entire tournament and a pre-tournament practice period.
All-star teams generally practice for two-three weeks prior to their tournament.  Participants are required to pay a participation fee to cover the tournament entry fee and the cost of uniforms.