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CDO Soccer Club - 2014-15 Tryouts


Come and join the fastest growing club in southern Arizona, with approaching 500 players, over 30 teams and 40 coaches, both volunteer and professional. Read our parent testimonial page and see why so many families choose CDO Soccer Club as the right environment for players to enjoy, learn and play the game!

- Perspective: children are not 'mini adults', age appropriate player development pathways
- Free professional speed & agility training
- Free professional goalkeeper training
- Low cost registration
- Free professional mentoring and support for volunteer coaches
- Free access for coaches to professional training sessions both online and in person
- Recreational, developmental and competitive team options
- Positive coaching environment

(Girls teams in pink - Boys teams in blue. Age group coaches are in the process of being updated and are listed below the appropriate age/gender. If you are unsure of which age group to register for, please refer to the chart at the bottom of this page. Changes are sometimes required, so please double check this page before attending a tryout session - any late alterations will be highlighted in yellow.)

It is very important for players to pre-register for our placements...we try to form as many teams as possible at all levels of play, so if we know in advance we'll have a large turnout in an age group, we can plan accordingly with extra coaches available.

Click here to register for player placements.

  1st session 2nd session
U9/U10 Player Pool*      
 Jason Coloma      
 Greg DeSilva      
 Andrew Gist      
Gene Wowk


Bill Bock


Mike Kevershan


U14G (2 teams)
Traci Lopez
Louis Lopez
Mike Kevershan


Steve Wallace



Brian Koppy
Rene Desmarais



Steve Wallace
Bill Bock



U9/U10B Player Pool*
Bob Kent
Joe Murphy
Ryan Ayers


Randy Lustenberger
Aaron Franco
Brian Morris


Tim Johnson
Chris Cruz
Adam Perkins


Bubba Delgado
Justin Smith


Erik Wolf
Mike Dunlap


Bubba Delgado
Justin Smith



Erik Wolf
Mark Durfee
Avery Matthews


Darren Evans


 *Free weekly professional training provided (defined as minimum USSF 'B' level coach or NSCAA equivalent)      
Crossroads North End   XRDN

Crossroads South End   XRDS  
Wilson K-8 Lower Field   WKL  
Riverfront Lower North   RLN
Riverfront Lower South   RLS

(All tryout dates are in May unless otherwise noted.)

Map of CDO Riverfront Park

Age Brackets

Age groups for the 2014-2015 season
August 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015
(Player pool age groups highlighted)
Age Group  From To

U5 ('10) 08/01/2009 07/31/2010
U6 ('09) 08/01/2008 07/31/2009
U7 ('08) 08/01/2007 07/31/2008
U8 ('07) 08/01/2006 07/31/2007
U9 ('06) 08/01/2005 07/31/2006
U10 (’05) 08/01/2004 07/31/2005
U11 (’04) 08/01/2003 07/31/2004
U12 (’03) 08/01/2002 07/31/2003
U13 (’02) 08/01/2001 07/31/2002
U14 (’01) 08/01/2000 07/31/2001
U15 (’00) 08/01/1999 07/31/2000
U16 (’99) 08/01/1998 07/31/1999
U17 (’98) 08/01/1997 07/31/1998
U18 (’97) 08/01/1996 07/31/1997
U19 (’96) 08/01/1995 07/31/1996
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